The Conversion Academy Continues To Enjoy Rave Reviews From Real Estate Businesses

Innovative real estate-centric branding firm, The Conversion Academy, achieves more than 100 million audience impressions amid accolades from different quarters

The Conversion Academy has stayed true to its goal of helping real estate businesses in the United States and other parts of the world stand out from the crowd through publicity and branded content. The leading real estate branding agency offers a wide range of innovative solutions that have made the company the toast of real estate brokers, agents, and business owners.

“The thing we try to get people to do is Imagine what their business would look like if they were featured in publications that their clients already knew, liked, and trusted, and those publications were vouching for them as an industry leader, opening the door and building the path so those same clients would come to know, like, and trust them. Once they come to this realization, they understand the power our services have to transform their business. They see how they can go from being a business to become a brand.” – Tieba Bropleh, CEO of The Conversion Academy.

The global real estate market has grown over the years, thanks to the emergence of a plethora of solutions to meet customers’ diverse needs. The case is not notably different in the United States, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar sector with varying categories of stakeholders. Unfortunately, many real estate businesses do not pay enough attention to their branding and often fail to see the essence of going beyond monetization. Most organizations assume that having a website and logo is enough to get their phones ringing. However, the 21st-century business environment has become more competitive, which underlines the importance of The Conversion Academy’s solutions.

As we dug into the data, the individuals, teams, brokers, and brokerages that captured a majority of their market share and dominated their respective market, were established brands with brand presence. Be it a client who came in as a referral or a cold lead offline, they recognized the brand and wanted to work with them [the real estate professional]” – Gunnar Kolrud, CFO.

As the name suggests, The Conversion Academy takes a slightly different approach than most real estate marketing businesses. Rather than flooding their clients with as many leads as possible. They focus their clients on converting more of their existing potential clients through PR and branding. While simultaneously leveraging organic search engine marketing to attract more high-quality leads actively seeking their clients’ services. The experienced team handles every step of the process on their client’s behalf. They write the articles that major media outlets publish. Leverage that media coverage to build relationships for their clients to become a trusted authority in their market or niche.  While also helping their clients to rank on the first page of top search engines. The team doesn’t stop there, “We know through the data that people like to research who they are potentially going to be working with, and a big part of that decision, believe it or not, is tied to what they see on social media. So that’s why we added the third step of social media management to our process” – Ali Kamel, COO. Posting captivating content that attracts and engages their client’s target audience is the final stage for the Branding Agency.

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About The Conversion Academy

The Conversion Academy is a branding agency that helps real estate businesses stand out from the crowd through publicity and branded content. The firm offers innovative consulting, marketing, branding, and PR solutions, thanks to a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals, including Tieba Bropleh – CEO, Gunnar Kolrud – CFO, and Ali Kamel – COO.

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