Golden Hello Company LLC Creates Special Hand-Selected Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

The online boutique store delivers gift items to employees, clients, family members and friends.

People love receiving things that are carefully picked out for them. Gifts especially bring solidarity among employees of an office or members of an organization. The online gift store, Golden Hello Company LLC, is an expert in providing heartwarming, one-of-a-kind gifts not just for friends and family members, but for employees and clients as well.

Golden Hello is a mother-daughter team by co-owners Kellie and Kristi Wright. It seeks to help business owners and professionals create meaningful connections through personalized gifts that show gratitude and appreciation to individuals. A Golden Hello gift shows someone they are valued and contributes to building positive relationships.

“We are excited to share our creations and spread appreciation and gratitude to others. Working together has been a great experience. Kristi has a fresh perspective on what people want and a background in design. She is very practical when it comes to decision making and finances. I have a background in design, management and sales, and I’m the risk-taker,” stated Kellie Wright.

Kellie and Kristi have both experienced toxic work environments, and that led them to research on workplace culture and positive reinforcement. Their research made them realize that business owners and professionals who have employee or client appreciation programs usually don’t have the time to consistently follow through and connect with said programs. Golden Hello provides an amazing solution by offering gift boxes that contain items that are unique, high quality, meaningful, personalized, affordable, easy to order and fun.

Golden Hello makes it even more personalized by writing messages of appreciation and celebration right on the lid of the gift boxes. There is a special gift box for just about any occasion.

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About Golden Hello Company LLC

Golden Hello Company is a unique online gift store that caters to personal as well as corporate requests, providing high-quality and meaningful gift boxes for every occasion.

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