Author Carl Novakovich releases his riveting dark fantasy book, a must-read in 2021

Author Carl Novakovich recently released his riveting dark fantasy, The Watchers: The Tomb, the first installment in a planned series. With adventure of biblical proportions, Novakovich’s novel shows that love and belongingness can be beacons of hope even in the bleakest of days.

The Tomb follows protagonist John Gideon, a former homicide detective turned P.I. who accidentally discovers a jarring truth about the world while searching for the only family he has left. Before long, John and his new partner, Beth May-a spell-wielding demon who’s turned her back on Hell-are humanity’s last hope in a race against the apocalypse. A collective of Fallen Angels known only as The Watchers has set out to break the first of the Seven Seals of Revelation, unleashing devastating pestilence, war, and destruction. John and Beth have the tools and the strength to stop them-unless it’s already too late.

Fans will enjoy the realistic plotlines, relatable characters, and slow-burn romance in The Tomb. The book artfully weaves real-life themes into a supernatural conflict, making it especially relatable to readers tackling problems of their own. With themes of perseverance and interconnectedness, Novakovich’s enthralling debut book is an uplifting reminder of the value of shared understanding.

Readers describe The Tomb as the “perfect blend of narration, action, thoughts, and dialogue.” They applaud the book’s fast-paced style and thought-provoking presentation. By drawing on religious texts and historical perceptions of the apocalypse, Novakovich has crafted an intriguing, well-developed version of the end time.

The Watchers: The Tomb and its accompanying audiobook are available for purchase on Sequels are currently in development.

Carl Novakovich is a writer and musician with a lifelong love of the creative arts. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @NovakovichCarl. Novakovich has a passion for bringing peace to the world by showing that anyone can find common ground. He lives in the greater Chicago area with his dog, Callie, where he writes daily.

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