Ellen Alexander Talks About Dating In LA In Time Of The Coronavirus

Ellen Alexander Talks About Dating In LA In Time Of The Coronavirus

According to common perception, Dating in Los Angeles is not for the faint-hearted. Lifestyle blogger, Ellen Alexander was kind enough to break down the happenings in LA’s dating scene. It is said that the dating scene is different in the City of Angels, where everyone is more or less involved in the entertainment business. The population in the region is largely made up of models, fashion designers, actors, singers, and more of the same crowd. It’s not a very diverse mix, but it certainly doesn’t lack intrigue and charm.

Did the dating game change in time of the Coronavirus? With all the new restrictions in place, how could one still find love in LA?” Thanks to Ellen Alexander, a Russian-born supermodel, and singer, now residing in LA, the world can now get all the juicy details as reflected in the following interview.

How is dating in the US different from other countries? You’ve also lived in UK and Russia.

Ellen Alexander: I don’t know about dating in the US in general, but dating in Los Angeles is definitely something else. I didn’t date much in Europe and Russia, but there people are very clear with what they want and they don’t want to waste time. In Los Angeles, it seems that nobody really wants to settle down and start a family, most people just want to play! Here, there is always a party somewhere and everybody wants to attend. You get to meet so many beautiful, interesting people everywhere, all the time, it seems difficult to make a choice and settle with one partner for longer. 

Did you use dating apps?

Ellen Alexander: Honestly, I’m not a big fan of dating apps. I’ve tried one or two in the past, out of curiosity, but this is just not my thing. I go out with people who have my number. Because of my job, I get in contact with many interesting people every day. I’m involved in many projects, I have many friends, so meeting new people has never been an issue for me. With such an active social life, I can’t say I’d have time for a dating app or the interest to try one again. Generally speaking, I’m only going out with people who can contact me directly.

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