Introducing Vet Boss LLC., a coaching program which helps transitioning veterans build 6-figure coaching businesses

Vet Boss LLC., is a coaching program which helps transitioning veterans build 6-figure coaching businesses around their true life purpose and passions when they leave the military.

Identity crisis among military veterans has been a big menace; a relatively long but undistinguished military career followed by a period of post-separation malaise. Many have identities caught up in a past they could no longer connect to; a profession they no longer served. Many find themselves disaffected, saddled with debt, in search of a purpose.

As a panacea, Vet Boss LLC, founded by Elijah Best, is perfectly placed to help these veterans navigate the murky waters of post-military life. Elijah uses a system he named “MEPS” cleverly named after the program veterans must go to before leaving for boot camp.

Speaking about his services, Elijah said: “MEPS stands for Marketing, Enrollment process, Product, Self-Mastery. We help them learn everything they need to know to find themselves after identity loss of the military and going through the struggle of transitioning, into building a 6-figure online coaching business just how I did in 45 days after coronavirus.”

Elijah Best is an entrepreneur from Columbia, Maryland who transitioned out of the Air Force to start his first online consulting business and grew to $20,000 a month while working out of his parent’s house.

Elijah now lives in Colorado Springs, where he launched Vet Boss LLC. to help other transitioning veterans start an online coaching or consulting business around their true-life purpose, passions, and skills they’ve learned in the military. He shows the veteran community how to make a profit by using organic social media marketing to grow their businesses.

Elijah Best has personally coached multiple 7-figure companies on lead generation and sales and has been able to consistently prove ROI. He has also coached some of the fastest-growing companies in New York and Maryland and has helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets.

Elijah coaches about 2,500 veterans in his Facebook group Vet Boss (grew about 2,000 in 6 months). He also has 37 clients in MEPS Academy, the online education school, built by him. One of Elijah’s clients transitioned out of the Air Force and became homeless and after 30 days released a book and it became an Amazon bestseller!

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