“Rotrud’s Rebellion,” Volume 3 of The Carolingian Chronicles by Acacia Oak is available, telling the tale of a defiant King’s daughter seeking to claim her place in the world.

“Rotrud’s Rebllion” Volume 3 of The Carolingian Chronicles by Acacia Oak has been released worldwide. This 226-page novel tells the story of Rotrud, the daughter of King Charlemagne, and her struggle to defy her father’s wishes to remain unmarried, and explores ideas of religion, family dynamics, independence, and the power of royalty.

Rotrud’s Rebellion (ISBN: 9780984276837) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including barnesandnoble.com and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

King Charlemagne’s eldest daughter, Rotrud, is disgusted with her father. Buoyant and excited, she is in love with the third-born son of a Frankish count. But her father denies her the right to marry! In the past, he often told her and Bertha they could never marry, that he wanted them always in his manor. He would not risk their happiness in a joining. But Rotrud never believed he would actually deny her and Bertha husbands! It was insane! Was it folly to want a home and children? His often-spoke commitment to a ‘Christian’ realm seemed to not recognize the Church’s injunction to marry and procreate.

In the midst of a war, issues with his sons, and her father’s destructive wife, Rotrud has no choice but to defy her father – Charlemagne, the Great. 

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