How This Marketing Consultant is Tackling the Industry’s Transparency Problem

How This Marketing Consultant is Tackling the Industry’s Transparency Problem

Early in his career, Calvin Hamilton recognized the lack of transparency and straightforwardness in the marketing industry. On multiple occasions, clients and colleagues have expressed that talking to most marketing agencies is exhausting. Hamilton notes that working with some agencies can give you the feeling that they are only focused on their profits and not the project at hand.

Hamilton explains, “I immediately saw a gap in the market for an agency that is as transparent as a company like Buffer, has seamless onboarding processes, offers innovative marketing solutions, and allows their clients to spend less time marketing and more time on product and innovation.”

Hamilton founded Engineer Influence, a boutique marketing and brand strategy firm, as a way to resolve the issues found in so many other agencies. “I have spent virtually all of my time building the infrastructure, team, and processes to make Engineer Influence an agency that can solve those issues, specifically as it pertains to personal branding and media buying.” His focus is to build a brand without sacrificing the firm’s service to its clients. Following the digital trends of the business world, Calvin saw the increase in personal branding of executives, specifically when it comes to CEOs. These used to be inaccessible people, but business executives are now more approachable through social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. What used to be reserved specifically for digital entrepreneurs, such as GaryVee, has found its way into mainstream corporations like Volkswagen. The value of personal branding is not lost on Calvin either. This is why it is a key component of his business. “I’m just making sure that every client that walks through our door is going to have the best experience that we can afford to give them,” he explained.

This change in thinking from the mainstream marketing industry has been noticed and embraced by many in the short two years the firm’s doors have been open. Engineer Influence has already worked with digital celebrities and executives such as Ryan Serhant, Jim Kwik, and Hubert Rhomberg as well as companies like Extell Development, Drink Poppi, and Univision Communications. In Hamilton’s eyes, it is this revolutionary transparency and dedication to results that sets Engineer Influence apart from the crowd.

What’s next for Calvin? He’s planning to launch “,” a tech-enabled creative services agency that helps businesses create high-quality social media content optimized to drive engagement in an easy, affordable, and transparent way. You can follow Calvin on Instagram@calvinsmind.

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