Magnilink Revolutionizes the Way People Charge Their Devices

This USB charging cable is innovative, convenient, and a must-have for everyone.

We live in a time where we are more and more connected. Phones, tablets, and other electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our daily life. In some ways, we now need gadgets to perform most of our tasks, and they have become an extension of us—of who we are. Needless to say, we can’t live without these devices anymore.

Alas, like us humans, these gadgets also run on the proverbial “fuel”. Where humans need rest and sleep to regain all the energy lost, these gadgets need to be recharged. So, charging our devices has also become part of our daily ritual. However, charging may sometimes be a daunting task with having to deal with many different cables that are, most of the time, very fragile.

One company has decided to tackle this growing issue and elevate the charging experience of everyone with Magnilink: the universal magnetic charging cable.

Magnilink offers a truly unique solution for all electronics owners. With a magnetic head plugged into the charging port, users can now attach the cord directly to their device with a single click.

They provide a wide range of magnetic heads that can be used with numerous devices such as smartphones, tablets, readers, or any USB-powered devices. From the first seconds of use, you will immediately realize how convenient it is to have only one charger for all our devices.

Having a magnetic tip plugged directly into your devices brings numerous advantages. Firstly, the charging port will no longer accumulate dirt and dust over time, thanks to the seal brought by the magnetic head. Lastly, you will no longer have to deal with a broken charging port to the regular plug-in and unplug over time. The magnetic connection will replace this operation entirely.

The Magnilink universal magnetic charger is targets people seeking a convenient way to charge all their devices. Whether they are tech enthusiasts (or geeks) who want to have a one-for-all charging solution, parents looking for kids-proof cables, or even elders who often struggle to plug in the tiny charging connector into their phone.

Magnilink offers a wide range of magnetic chargers that will fit any need and any budget. With their Essential Series, you will get an affordable magnetic charger that will let you charge most of your devices the simplest way. If you are looking for more advanced features such as Fast Charge 3A, data transmission, or car sync, then the MAXX series is the right magnetic cable for you. These are the perfect replacement for any regular USB chargers. Finally, the PRO series will bring cutting-edge magnetic charging performance with embedded USB-A to USB Type-C adapter and USB Power Delivery 60W support. This PRO Series will let you charge any high-end devices, including USB-C powered laptops.

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About Magnilink

Magnilink is born out of a group of tech-passionate guys that are on a mission to provide “the best charging experience ever created”.

When they started the company back in 2019 (under, they sold one unique product, the Magic-Netic 360. The success was so massive that they decided to dedicate their online shop to magnetic chargers under the Magnilink brand.

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