Magnifier Makers Magnipros Inc. Introduces Devices for Visually Challenged People

This company provides people with quality and innovative magnifying tools to make reading small fonts on newspapers, books, and magazines easier.

Magnipros Inc., one of the leading brands in low vision aids, introduces its magnifying devices for visually challenged people. As one of the pioneers in the low vision aids industry, the company has been providing quality and innovative tools since 2015. Among the products it offers are hobby, reading, rechargeable, and page magnifiers.

Recently, people have turned to doing a few hobbies and reading different publications due to stay-at-home orders. To accommodate the needs of its target market, Magnipros offers its products online through its website.

Located in Southern California, Magnipros specializes in different kinds of magnifying glass. Its team of engineers has dedicated themselves to developing devices that aim to improve the life of people with low vision and aging eyes. With their extensive experience in the optics industry, these engineers have created the company’s product line that has tremendously grown to a broader range of products and accessories. This merchandise continues to reflect the needs of its customer base until today.

Magnipros has built a proprietary portfolio encompassing more than 100 patents ranging from magnifiers to complex optical testing procedures. This is a testament to the company’s dedication and ingenuity in the field of optics.

One of the company’s innovative products is its rechargeable magnifier, which eliminates the hassle of batteries with its new and improved fast-charging technology to operate its LED lights. Magnipros also offers a premium device that magnifies up to 10 times. It’s made out of optical grade acrylic, which is lighter, more scratch-resistant, and shatterproof than glass while providing the same clarity level.

Customers of Magnipros provided reviews on their website. Their feedback reflected the brand’s functionality and ease of use. One client said, “This is just what I needed. Sometimes, the lettering on my phone or iPad is so small I can barely see it. I can use this magnifier and see it much better. I like that there is a graduated light switch for the perfect lighting. It is a nice size that covers my whole iPad for ease of handling. I’m glad I came across this item and decided to purchase.”

Magnipros also offers hands-free, hand-held, bookmark, and pocket magnifiers. To browse and shop for all its devices, be sure to visit The company also offers an FAQ section to guide its followers in choosing the ideal device for their needs. Its products can also be found on major online marketplaces like Amazon.

About Magnipros Inc.

Magnipros Inc. is dedicated to helping vision-impaired people by offering a wide variety of low vision aids like reading magnifiers and magnifying glass. The team behind the successful brand is ever grateful for the loyalty of its customer base that enabled the company to grow. As a brand that values its customers, Magnipros ensures they get 100% satisfaction with every online transaction.

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