Highly-Rated 4.9 Out of 5.0 Stars Book Teaches One How To Overcome Fear and Seize Opportunities

Author Marklyn “MisterDirect” Johnson continues to enlighten readers with Lessons From a Sh*t Talker, his no-nonsense guide to following your dreams. Marklyn believes that one of the greatest challenges people face is finding what nourishes their souls in a world of defeat, doubters, and dead-end jobs. He hopes that his book will help others learn how to go for broke and risk it all for the chance at a new life.

In Lessons From a Sh*t Talker, Marklyn pushes the audience to take chances and be honest with themselves about their dreams. Whether it’s hosting a radio show or becoming a stand-up comedian, Marklyn urges readers not to let their own negative thoughts stand in the way of success. Lessons From a Sh*t Talker provides a clear roadmap to setting goals, overcoming fear, and recognizing our own worth.

Adults of any age and background can benefit from Marklyn’s teachings. Instead of staying stuck in a rut or being too afraid to leave the safety of the familiar, Marklyn urges anyone who feels stuck to take control of their own happiness. Opportunities are out there, even if the path is long. Although the book specifically delves into racial inequality, the broader message is about overcoming the expectations and social constructs that hold us back, whatever those may be.

In particular, Marklyn hopes his work will resonate with people of color, who are too often fighting for the American dream in spite of daily microaggressions and discrimination. For many BIPOC individuals, success comes at a price, causing even the best and brightest to wonder if the grind is worth it. In Lessons From a Sh*t Talker, Marklyn affirms Black and brown workers by helping them find their voices, recognize their worth, and realize what they have to offer the world.

Reviewers praise Lessons From a Sh*t Talker as “fresh, funny, heartbreaking, and introspective.” Marklyn draws upon his own experiences to show how even a misguided individual can eventually find the way to peace and purpose. Between his relaxed tone and easy humor, Lessons From a Sh*t Talker feels more like a conversation with a friend than a self-improvement guide.

Marklyn credits persistence and consistency with his success in following his dreams and overcoming the obstacles that once stood in his way. He hopes that Lessons From a Sh*t Talker will remind others not to give up on themselves. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Marklyn “MisterDirect” Johnson was born in New Jersey and lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for many years. Interested readers can go to marklynspeaks.com to learn more about him. Marklyn has worked in the production industry for over twenty years after graduating from the prestigious Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He cites Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as some of his influences.

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