Dr. Lori Fishman Expands Her Boston-Based Pediatric Weight Management Services through Past, Parent & Future

The service offers an online training program and consultation to parents on how to manage their child’s weight without shame and a diet.

Parents often find it hard to convince their children to go along with house rules, especially when it comes to a change in food choices. This is especially needed for some who have a rapid increase in child weight gain during the pandemic. Most of the time, a health professional can help parents clear this situation, so Dr. Lori Fishman started the program, Past, Parent & Future, as a way of expanding her Boston-based pediatric weight management services to everyone.

Dr. Fishman is a child and adolescent psychologist and parenting coach as well as an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She has worked with more than ten thousand parents and families, helping them to improve eating behaviors, increase exercise and achieve a healthier lifestyle with stronger, leaner bodies.

“Parents are afraid to bring up weight but ignoring it also worsens the problem. An overall focus on whole-family wellness is a better approach. We focus on using the term ‘wellness’ versus ‘weight,’” said Dr. Fishman. “Parents expect children to make healthy choices on their own but the reality is most kids don’t really care. We need to set them up with healthy habits for a lifetime, not quick-fix diets that create a damaging weight loss and gain cycle. This requires parents to make their own behavioral and mindset changes.”

The online training program offers a variety of services that were previously only available to patients in the Boston-area after months on a waitlist. These services include an introductory course entitled, The Snacking Slowdown Secret, the 7-Day Bootcamp program and the option for one-on-one virtual parent consultations with Dr. Fishman.

The Snacking Slowdown Secret, the introductory course immediately available for download, is for parents who are frustrated with their child’s snacking behaviors and want to address weight management without shame. With this course, parents are taking the first step to have a healthier relationship with their child around food, weight and exercise.

The curriculum contains a previously recorded live webinar from Dr. Fishman. Members will have access to the Four S Method, a system for helping to identify true types of hunger. There is the Four S Method Tracker, a tool that enables parents to follow the goals for focused eating. There is also the Snacking Slowdown Secret Cheatsheet that lets members share what they have learned with other caregivers. Dr. Fishman even included a bonus podcast called The Other F-Word Podcast, where she discusses how to talk to kids about weight in a healthy, non-shaming way.

The 7-Day Bootcamp course is much more extensive, featuring topics such as motivation to exercise, managing sneaking-behaviors, the connection between sleep hygiene and hunger, setting reasonable goals for long-term success and identifying foods that keep kids full and satisfied versus tired and hungry.

More information can be found at http://www.pastparentfuture.com.

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Past, Parent & Future is an online training program that offers the Snacking Slowdown Secret introductory course, a seven-day bootcamp program and the option for one-on-one virtual parent consultation.

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