Millpond Wellness Center’s Journey to Wellness Project Offers a Different Approach to Thyroid Health

The center utilizes three tests to help find the underlying triggers of a patient’s inflammatory condition.

Journey to Wellness is a project started by Millpond Wellness Center’s Drs. Justin and Shannyn Pearce D.C. to help transform patients’ lives by targeting the root cause of their condition.

Millpond Wellness Center offers a natural, “no drug, no surgery” approach to inflammation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, blood sugar problems, autoimmune and thyroid symptoms. The center also has a wellness plan for people who want to maximize their health and age gracefully.

“We help you find answers to problems doctors can’t solve,” stated Drs. Justin and Shannyn Pearce D.C., co-founders of Millpond Wellness Center/Journey to Wellness.

Millpond’s type of healthcare is doing things differently from mainstream medical procedures. In turn, they also get amazingly different results. Their approach is to get to the root cause of the patients’ problem and find out the stressors that cause their issues by letting the patients undergo their three T tests — physical trauma stress, toxicity and thoughts that cause stress.

Millpond’s whole-person, whole-body approach is unparalleled. Their doctors help guide the patients through making important lifestyle changes so that they can regain their health. Our goal is not to give you a medicine or a supplement to “treat” a symptom, but rather find what is CAUSING that symptom and fix that! “We aide your body to do everything, not force is to do anything” says Dr. Justin Pearce D.C.

The team behind Millpond Wellness Center are Dr. Justin Pearce D.C. and Dr. Shannyn Pearce D.C.. Dr. Justin Pearce is a managing partner and founder of Millpond Wellness Center/Journey to Wellness. He has a doctorate in chiropractic medicine and has a certification in nutrition and metabolic testing. This expertise enables him to assess dietary needs and impediments that may be affecting his patients’ health.

Dr. Shannyn Pearce D.C. is a managing partner and co-owner of Millpond. She has been a leader in chiropractic health and wellness for more than ten years. She has experienced first-hand the difference getting to the ROOT cause can make to the body. She has written a book on thyroid health, which discusses the natural approach to balancing the thyroid and getting one’s health back. She also teaches and coaches multiple doctors all over the U.S. on how to help with their complex thyroid, hormone, and autoimmune cases.

“I’m truly looking forward to my phone calls with Dr. Justin and Amanda. I’m keeping a positive faith in knowing this will only change my quality of life for the better,” stated Denise, a patient under Millpond Wellness Center’s Journey to Wellness.

Journey to Wellness hosts live virtual events multiple times a month and conducts free webinars monthly for anyone who is not local to Lexington, Kentucky. They help people all over the world with their integrative health coaching services.

More information can be found at Journey to Wellness Plan.

About Millpond Wellness Center Journey to Wellness

Millpond Wellness Center was founded by Dr. Justin Pearce D.C. and Dr. Shannyn Pearce D.C. They started the Journey to Wellness project to give people hope! Hope is simply defined as knowing that tomorrow will be better than today. “Your family deserves a better you, YOU deserve a better YOU” says Dr. Justin Pearce D.C.

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