Workers Compensation Lawyer Charlotte NC Firm Marks Two Decades Of Excellence

The attorneys have been practicing for over 20 years. They have an excellent track record in handling workplace injury claims, car accident injuries, and motorcycle injury cases, as well as wrongful death claims.

Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group is pleased to announce that the attorneys have been in practice for more than twenty years. The workers compensation lawyer Charlotte NC practice has a notable track record in their representation for workplace injury claims, car accident injuries, and motorcycle injuries. They also successfully serve clients in wrongful death claims. A free assessment is available to discuss the case and whether a settlement is likely to be achieved. 

When searching for an attorney to assist with a workplace injury or death claim, there are several reasons to select the Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group as the most reliable workers compensation attorney in Charlotte, NC. These include no charges for the initial consultation, payment only if the case is won, and service at any time of the night or day. Even in the days of COVID restrictions, some firms and employees work shifts day or night. Accidents can occur at any time and may need legal advice.

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Today’s laws are designed to protect employees if an accident occurs in the workplace. In North Carolina and many other states, worker’s compensation is an insurance system designed to provide financial safety and protect the employee’s financial stability if an injury occurs on the job. It is up to the worker to file a claim to request compensation. Some time off is necessary to qualify to begin the claims process. Compensation for the allowed expenses is paid by the employer or by the employer’s insurance carrier.

According to the laws on the books, most workplace injuries are eligible to file for compensation. Claims can even be filed for illnesses developed as a result of workplace conditions. In North Carolina, the compensation types are divided into medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation, disability payments, and death benefits. 

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Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group offers help in filing claims for on-the-job accidents or fatalities. One of the expert legal team members will assess the case at no charge for the initial consultation. Employers often decide to settle claims out of the courtroom. An attorney that is experienced at communication and negotiations is best to be assisting with the claim.

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