CCRPS Offers Accredited Courses For Potential Healthcare Professionals To Kick-start Their Research Careers

CCRPS offers a disparate array of clinical research programs and training, helpful career advice, and job-seeking resources for potential healthcare professionals. They work confidentially with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and contract research groups to safeguard employee conformity and schooling for ICH GCP, CRA/Monitors, CRC/Coordinators, CTA/Assistants, and PV Safety.

USA – Clinical Research Training and Clinical Research Certification (CCRPS) provides clinical research education and training requirements. It helps individuals choose their desired medical fields without any prior experience by widening their horizons. CCRPS helps individuals kick-start their careers as medical professionals by considering one of their accredited courses to receive a clinical research certificate online. CCRPS delivers internal and outsourced, customizable, and reasonable online training subscriptions varying between 1 hour to 2 weeks. Their certified and on-demand regulatory training solutions are particularly for companies who want to assure staff observance in education for ICH GCP, clinical research associates/monitors, clinical research coordinators, research assistants, and drug safety/pharmacovigilance officers. They facilitate CROs to improve clinical trial training productivity and excellence by modifying duration, branding, CE credits, certifications, and incorporation of SOPs/MOPs. In this pandemic of covid-19, CCRPS offers corporate and individual remote clinical research courses that ensure safe access.

CCRPS accepts purchase orders (PO). They also offer instant employee enrollment based on the generation of the receipt and other specification appeals. The expense of membership per course of each student is in the invoice. Individuals must pay the invoice one week after their enrollment. Integration of company-related training materials, logos, and sub-domains into the course is necessary to allow employees to have a single doorway to complete all educational training. Individuals can make specification requests within the time frame of course completion for obligatory and non-obligatory components (SOPs, MOPs). Courses can be labeled and comply with SCORM for use by Learning Management Systems (LMS). CCRPS also tracks their employee progress and, employees can demand access to the course at any time in their life for evaluation of resources. CCRPS allows its employees to customize almost anything, from certificates to deadlines. The best thing about CCRPS is that they provide immediate access to certification upon completing the course. The certificates are also PDF downloadable. They are qualified and trained for acquiescence for FDA CFR 21, ICH GCP, subject confidentiality: Informed consent, HIPAA, Human Subjects Protection (Pregnancy, Prisoners, Children, and Incapacitated), The History of Clinical Research, and role-specific training for research coordinators, monitors, assistants, and drug safety monitors.

The ICH GCP course offers an introduction to clinical research, an overview of ICH GCP, code of federal regulations, FDA 21 CFR, ICH GCP E6 Section 5 – Sponsor’s Responsibilities, ICH GCP E6 Section IV – Investigator’s Responsibilities, ICH GCP E6 Section IV – Informed Consent Form, Reporting Responsibilities of the Investigators, Ethics of Research Involving Children, Ethics of Research Involving Mentally Incapacitated, Ethics of Research Involving Pregnant Women and Fetuses, Ethics of Research Involving Prisoners, ICH GCP 5.5 Trial Management – Data Handling and Record Retention, ICH GCP E6 and E2A – Adverse Events, and Safety of Human Subjects in Clinical Research. Employees can download the PowerPoint presentations for their respective courses at the ease of their homes; this is particularly helpful as their slides provide examples of letters, checklists, and reports. ICH GCP limitless access yearly subscription for clinical research training departments to meet ICH GCP E6(R2) training conditions starts at $2500. This course meets the US FDA regulations, ICH E6(R2) GCP principles and practices, and ISO 14155:2020 regulatory requirements. CCRPS Advanced ICH GCP Certification (AGCPC) provides one of the most in-depth on-demand ICH GCP beginners classes for training departments. TransCelerate BioPharmamutual recognition recognizes CCRPS for their GCP training among trial sponsors with the ICH E6(R2) update.

The clinical research training departments at CCRPS offers training strategy to enhance site-performance for entry-level senior staff. They are highly progressive and provide numerous samples, applications, and patterns used to write reports, letters and relate that information to real-life circumstances. Their staff has the gears, productivity, sufficient knowledge, and compliance-focused approach desired to yield precise, consistent results for the trial of any employee. Students having a bachelor’s degree in science and who want a career in medical research can get a head start by completing their Clinical Research Associate (CRA) certification course. The CRA certification comprises a two-week program delivered online and including 107 in-depth components and samples for a total of 17.5 CME credits. This certification is accredited by ACCRE, ACCME, ANCC, ACPE, and Transcelerate Biopharma which means that it admits students without prior background for certification.

They also offer a Clinical Research Coordinator Certification (CRC). Individuals intending to enroll in this course must have prior familiarity with these subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistics, and communications. A bachelor’s degree in health sciences is commended, followed by a year or two of work experience and volunteering at clinical trials. Further to this, students must obtain a master’s degree. After fulfilling all the requirements, students can receive their CRC certification from CCRPS.

CCRPS offers a pharmacovigilance training course at reduced scholarship pricing. They have trained over 1,800 clinical researchers and are excited to help other potential researchers take another step towards their journey. Completion of drug safety training online takes a day. Completed certification helps demonstrate interest and knowledge to employers. ACCRE accredits this course. Completion of this course will demonstrate outstanding proficiency in pharmacovigilance. CCRPS offers many more courses with their free demos that can be viewed on their website. The certificate of completion for any course is applicable for ten years and renewable by redoing the exam free of cost. By choosing one of their courses, students receive detailed and application-focused learning with certification/accreditations recognized by both large and small trial organizations.

The clinical research staff is now faced with the need to deliver faster, operative, and permanent training solutions. These solutions not only need to eliminate prevailing gaps in ability, but they also need to build world-class capabilities for clinical research staff, which is why training strategies have become an important part of exceptional clinical trials. CCRPS understands the roles and responsibilities of contract research organizations which makes them the best at what they do!

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