Delpaso car hire offers the best rental prices at Malaga Airport with no hidden cost

Most car rental agencies offer low prices to attract new customers but include hidden costs in their rates. One rent a car near Malaga Airport can offer the best rental price in the Costa del Sol area with everything included.

The team over at Delpaso car hire have launch some offers on their website with no deposit policy.

Most of the users look for a car rental through car rental comparators that offer them the best prices, however, in most occasions these prices include hidden costs in many car rental agencies as the information offered in the comparators is not truthful.” said George, one car rental specialist in Malaga.

However, car comparators can be a good option to find local car rental agencies, which may be more unknown to the tourist compared to the big international ones. The advantage is that in most cases they can offer a better price to the customer and a more humane treatment.

Most of the clients look for the car they need in comparators and then request an offer to the local rental agency that has given them more confidence, in this way they get a better price and ensure the best conditions when booking directly with the car hire in Malaga.

Most common unexpected car rental charges

When tourists rent a car, tourists also sign up for a fuel policy. Tourists should be able to see this when they book the car. If the policy is ‘full to full’, they have to refill the tank just before return their car. If it has less fuel in it than when they took the car, the rental agency will charge them to top it back up again. It’s likely that rental agencies will charge them more than a petrol station would for the fuel, so tourists can avoid this charge if tourists review the policy. 

Another common charge would be damage to the vehicle: car rental agencies check their cars when they’re returned from each hire. If they discover any damage on the car tourists had that wasn’t there before, they will charge tourists for it. Tourists should check their car before taking it from the pick up place, in most occasions with photos and videos tourists can justify themselves and avoid future problems when tourists return the rental car.

On their visit to the Costa del Sol, tourists may leave their car parked on beaches or in very touristic places where it is easy for other vehicles to scratch the bodywork of their car through no fault of their own.

The easy solution for their peace of mind

Clients can avoid all these issues and enjoy the peace of mind of their vacation by choosing a rental option with no deposit, the all-inclusive option can also be economical and can save tourists from screwing up their vacation. 


Delpaso car hire can offer clients a great car rental rate in Malaga with no excess. Booking directly from their website clients can get a great all inclusive price so they won’t have any problems with their car rental, tourists will enjoy their vacation and they will get a modern, well maintained and top brand car from Delpaso own fleet of vehicles that they are constantly renewing. If clients find a better price, the rent a car sales team can also improve it.

These tips can help tourists to rent a car in any city they travel to, always consult local rental agencies, they will offer clients better prices and conditions than the big rental agencies.

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