Rust removal method for aerated concrete block equipment

The feeding of the aerated block equipment production line is not arbitrary, not only must the quality of the raw materials be ensured, but the feeding sequence strictly depends on the requirements.

The ground filling block is made of high-quality materials and water, and the powder materials are compared with auxiliary materials and gas generating materials after casting.

The order is to use the mobile mixer first. First, the aluminum powder floats or liquid must be put into the mixer to separate the aluminum powder from the water. The water is then put into the semi-machine input material and heated.

Thereafter, the calcium material of the powder material is placed in the powder. When the total amount of calcium material is 50%, record the total amount of the test about 1-2 minutes after the start, sample the detection level, and adjust the sample appropriately. When the aerated block of mixed soil is set to resist mixing, immediately turn on the water.

Add the storage tank, aluminum powder semi-mechanical door, aluminum powder suspension layer and lye to the mixer. After the deposit is completed, it is necessary to fill in the relevant parameters on the smart control card in time and record the original data.

There are usually three derusting methods for aerated concrete block equipment: chemical derusting, process derusting and mechanical derusting. Chemical descaling: The acid in the descaling solution reacts with rust to form water-soluble salts, which are washed away. So, wash it again. Its advantage is better rust removal effect, but its disadvantage is simple corrosion. The metal surface after pickling needs to be cleaned thoroughly. If it is not cleaned, the residual salt will seriously affect the adhesion of the paint film. Mechanical derusting method: using sandblasting machine, polishing machine, angle grinder, wire brush and other mechanical equipment.

The low strength of aerated concrete without autoclave and curing ensures the smooth progress of transportation measures during the production process, thereby reducing the damage to the green body structure during transportation and reducing the impact on product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the transportation process is smooth, free of debris, and the lifting equipment and steering equipment can operate smoothly. Maintain other aerated concrete equipment.

The continuity and periodicity of the aerated concrete production process requires continuous operation of the equipment during the production process. The gas production rate of fly ash aerated concrete equipment and the failure of the aerated concrete equipment may cause a sudden interruption of the entire production process. The product is scrapped, which has a great impact on production. Therefore, other aerated concrete equipment, such as ball mills, slurry pumps, gas supply stations, steam metering and sensors, should be inspected and maintained in a timely manner to reduce the number of missing products and increase productivity.

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