What are the advantages of hollow board turnover box in application

Hollow board turnover box Hollow board has many advantages as a new type of easy-to-use board, and hollow board turnover box made from the secondary production and processing of hollow board also inherits this easy-to-use advantage and gradually replaces the traditional carton In the application of sub and wooden box packaging, which hollow board turnover box has any advantages in application?

What are the advantages of the recommended hollow board turnover box in the application?

1. It can save storage space: the hollow board turnover box adopts the international fashionable style. According to the different expansion methods, there are two expansion methods, the folding type and the inverted type. The volume after expansion is only 1/ the capacity of the assembly. 4-1/3, with the advantages of lighter weight, less floor space, and convenient composition! Plastic turnover box.

2. Excellent endurance: The hollow board turnover box is not easy to deform due to long-term storage, and has a certain degree of ductility to avoid accidental impacts that cause the shell to crack and damage the product! Vegetable packaging box.

3. It has very good anti-aging characteristics: the hollow board turnover box is mainly made of polypropylene material. Reliable manufacturers all have my country’s manufacturing qualification certificate and test compliance verification, have a long-term use period, and the number of turnover Above, it has more advantages than traditional shell!

4. Box styles vary widely: it not only has a telescopic function, but also can be made into a cardboard box type telescopic hollow plate turnover box, a cover type telescopic hollow plate turnover box, and decorative strips can also be applied to aluminum alloy profiles, PP, PVC materials, and Buried hole round doorknob, PP rotating corner, PE plastic credit card bag should be affixed on both sides, the box surface can be printed with corporate LOGO and serial number.

5. Corrosion resistance: The turnover box should have very good corrosion resistance. It is not easy to cause deformation of the turnover box due to organic chemical liquids such as strong concentrated acid and strong alkali. It can be used in a wider range of natural environments!

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