How long can the general hollow board turnover box be used

Hollow Board Manufacturers The life of the anti-static hollow board turnover box is not only related to product quality, but also related to the method of use. In order to extend the service life and reduce the cost of use, what should be done? To prevent static electricity, the hollow sheet manufacturer will introduce it to people. How to extend the service life of the anti-static turntable box 1. The anti-static hollow sheet turnover box is made of plastic.

How long can the general hollow board turnover box be used?

Plastic hollow board is combustible, so keep away from the fire source to ensure the safety of the turnover box and the goods in the box. Second, the anti-static hollow plate turnover box has a certain bearing capacity, and the bearing capacity is fixed. Therefore, we use this kind of turnover box when transporting goods.

Hollow board box The cargo volume must not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the box, otherwise the box will be overweight and damaged. Do not place the anti-static hollow board turnover box in the sun. Light makes the box aging and reduces the life of the turnover box. The above is the lengthening method of BDS anti-static hollow board manufacturers.

Anti-static hollow sheet turnover box is introduced in order to provide people with reference. The company is a professional manufacturer of plastic hollow sheets in China. With 11 years of advanced experience in hollow board production technology, it specializes in producing hollow boards and hollow boards of various materials and properties.

1. Convenience of the hollow board turnover box. The convenience here mainly refers to the raw materials and finished products produced. It should be convenient for consumers to open the package, and it is convenient to take out or put the items in the box, and it is integrally closed, not easy There will be any phenomenon such as cracking and abrasion.

2. The recyclability of the hollow board turnover box refers to that the raw materials of the hollow board turnover box should be environmentally friendly, and can effectively save resources, without any pollution to the environment, and completely green.

3. The cheapness of the hollow board turnover box, the packaging materials are very many and very extensive, but the cost will be reduced only when the materials are convenient, the cheapness here refers to the rational use of the economy, and the saving of packaging materials Research and mechanical packaging equipment costs, as well as packaging efficiency and so on.

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