What is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) pipe used for?


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) pipe is a very versatile product that can provide a wide range of applications in many different industries. It is manufactured using a paste extrusion method. The ptfe hose manufacturers by paste extrusion is flexible. It can manufacture PTFE pipes with an inner diameter as small as 0.3 mm to a maximum of 100 mm and a wall thickness as small as 0.1 mm to 2 mm.PTFE Hose has excellent chemical stability, can withstand all strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidants, and does not interact with various organic solvents. It can be used normally within -60℃~+260℃, with reliable and excellent corrosion resistance. It can transport strong corrosive gas and liquid at high temperatures. In addition, after being treated at a high-temperature 260℃ for 1000h, its mechanical properties have little change. PTFE has a very low friction factor, is a good anti-friction, self-lubricating material, its static friction coefficient is less than the dynamic friction coefficient, so the bearing made from it has the advantages of low starting resistance and stable operation. Because PTFE is non-polar, heat-resistant, and non-absorbent. It also has excellent aging resistance, non-stickiness, and non-combustibility. This cannot be replaced by other hoses.

The following introduction is the usage for PTFE hose in various industries:

1. Chemical industry

Because they have high chemical resistance to almost all chemicals, PTFE Tubing is an ideal choice in the chemical industry. Including the semiconductor industry. The modern process of semiconductor production requires the safe metering and transportation of corrosive liquids (acids and alkalis). These will severely damage the delivery pipe in a short time.

2. Medical industry

The special properties of PTFE pipes also include an easy-to-clean surface structure. In the past ten years, PTFE tubes have been increasingly used in medical equipment. Due to the low coefficient of friction of the PTFE tube, this means that its surface is very smooth and will not cover up or help bacteria grow. Among them, hoses are used for intubation, catheters, pipettes and endoscopes. It also manufactures various instruments and equipment, such as drain pipes, ventilators, earrings, apple rubber, gloves and other artificial tissues. In addition, many functional devices used by doctors in human biochemical analysis are also made of PTFE material.

3. Aircraft industry

PTFE hoses are non-flammable fluoropolymers. Their low coefficient of friction allows them to work under extreme temperatures and pressures. This is why these tubes are used by the aircraft industry to wrap wires and cables.

4. Automobile industry

In automobile engines, high-quality oil pipes made of PTFE are used for fuel evaporation and fuel rails. At present, The brake hoses on the market are all brake hose assemblies with joints. The different types of automobile brakes, it is divided into hydraulic brake hoses, pneumatic brake hoses and vacuum brake hoses. According to its material, it is divided into PTFE brake hose, rubber brake hose and nylon brake hose. The rubber brake hose has the advantages of strong tensile strength and easy installation, but the disadvantage is that the surface is prone to aging after long-term use. In the case of low temperature, the tensile strength of nylon brake hose is weakened, if it is impacted by external force, it is easy to break. However, Besteflon’s PTFE Tube has the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, which makes it have a long service life and does not need to be replaced frequently. He can make up for the shortcomings of the other two materials.

5. Electrical industry

PTFE tubing has excellent electrical characteristics. They have high dielectric constant and low loss factor characteristics in a very wide frequency range. Therefore, PTFE pipes are used as high-quality, high-temperature insulating materials for wires and cables, as well as electric heating elements and temperature sensors. In the electrical industry, in order to cover the wires and cables, high-quality PTFE pipes are used, which can withstand high temperatures and protect the wires from any cutting. In addition, these tubes come in a variety of colors to help identify the wires in the home or office.

6. Food industry

Due to its easy-to-clean and non-stick characteristics, PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene pipes can be used in the food industry. In particular, tubes made of unfilled PTFE are suitable due to their physiological neutrality and comply with the guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, it has been proven that it is harmless in contact with plastic and any type of food. Therefore, PTFE tubes are usually used in traditional coffee machines. In addition, so-called single-chamber or multi-chamber design spaghetti tubes and heat-shrinkable tubes are used. PTFE products can be sterilized using all conventional methods.

7. Textile industry

The transfer of chemicals in pipes used in the textile industry can cause corrosion. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, a PTFE tube is used, and a PTFE coating is carried out on the textile rolls.

8. 3D Printing Industry

In 3D printing, the filament should be transferred to the printing nozzle that must be performed in the high-temperature range. Since PTFE tubing has a high-temperature coefficient and non-stick properties, it helps to easily slide the material from the nozzle, so it is the most desirable polymer in the 3D printing industry.

The non-alkaline nature of PTFE allows it to be used in the chemical industry, where the transfer of highly sensitive fluids is a common occurrence. Zhongxin Fluorine Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of high-quality PTFE hoses for 16 years.

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