Paul Prince from GreenAir Brings Professional-Grade Cleaning to Every Household with One-of-A-Kind Spray Gun

Cordless cleaning technology for ease of use, improved productivity, and effective surface coverage.

Cleveland, OH – GreenAir, Inc., a leader in the air care industry and essential oil diffusers, announces the launch of the Immuno Sprayer Gun – a professional-grade sprayer designed for complete surface cleaning, now made available and affordable for households and small businesses. This one-of-a-kind sprayer leverages the freedom of movement cordless innovation provides, combined with a fast-charging battery and high-capacity tank.

The Immuno Sprayer Gun was created specifically to apply commercial-level cleaning innovation to the masses, as professional spray machines can be impractical options that can cost several hundreds of dollars. Being cordless allows users to move in more efficient cleaning patterns, by not being bound to a cord. The speedy 1.5-hour charge time and 3-hour runtime means users can spend less time waiting and more time cleaning, and the high-capacity tank holds 750ml of product to avoid the need for constant refilling. Additionally, the lightweight ergonomic gun design allows for more precise application of up to 5 ft. on surfaces and hard to reach areas.

“We wanted to create a device for real consumers. We really looked at who would benefit the most from this [device] – moms and small businesses – but who couldn’t afford these really expensive guns”, said Paul W Prince, CEO of Green Air, “Rather than running around with wipes and aerosol cans, moms can now easily spray doorknobs and anything in their house. And of course coupled with an eco-friendly disinfectant, it’s just so much more effective and useful.”

This innovative cleaning technology comes after GreenAir’s recent partnership with Sani-Powder, a unique granulated hypochlorous acid (HOCl) disinfectant that has been approved by the EPA as an effective disinfectant against coronavirus. Green Air has opted to promote safer and more sustainable options as of their COVID-19 response, since HOCl is considered to be a powerful surface sanitizer while also being eco-friendly.

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About Sani-Powder

Sani-Powder is a water-soluble granular packed in pre-measured pouches to be added to various container sizes filled with water. Once diluted, it becomes a pure form of hypochlorous ccid (HOCI), which is the same chemical produced by our white blood cells to kill invasive organisms to fight infection in the body. Because of its natural origins, Sani-Powder is safe to use around people, pets and plants and does not require personal protective equipment (PPE) during application.

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About Green Air, Inc.

Green Air, with headquarters in Ohio, is the largest manufacturer and leading innovator of diffuser technology in the US. They offer the largest selection of quality diffusers (standard and custom-designed) and innovative technology for all markets, price points, and retail settings.

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