The Hotel Industry Requires Specialized Employees as the First Impression is a Lasting Impression

With many hotels opening up again across the United States, after previous lockdowns, the need for qualified hotel personnel has become quite competitive.  Hotel industry workers face a tough task and hiring someone that is unsuited to this industry can have disastrous consequences, as the customer service experiences are remembered by any guests.  One bad experience can make guests decide never to return.  Hotels are indeed included in the hospitality industry, and friendly, people-oriented, yet competent employees are needed.  The right staff can ensure return business. 

Traditional hiring sites or employment agencies do not always furnish a good selection of candidates for the hotel industry because personality of employees is such a large component of a good fit for hotels.  Hotels are also fast-pacedand can offer many types of ancillary services such as breakfast, conference room or seminar meetings and even host employee trainings for other companies.  Some hotels have restaurants within them, and the choice of correct employee ranges across a broad spectrum. 

Upshift is an online platform with an over 96% success rate in the placement of hotel industry employees, within the spectrum needed.  From a front-desk clerk to a chef, to someone in maintenance and maid service, the variables of each position are different, but the chief common ground is in personality.  Hotel employees no matter what job they perform, can be under a lot of stress, yet maintain a cheerful, positive outlook towards guests no matter what the job or situation.  Hotels are also open 24/7 and this adds to the difficulty of finding correct applicants for a hotel job. 

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Upshift’s vetting of possible employees eliminates those that are not a good fit for the hotel industry.  With an under 1.8%“no call, no show” rate, the methodology of Upshift is obviously working.  Employers can find staff that fit the job openings perfectly, and many that start parttime end up as fulltime employees who are happy with their positions.  Testimonials of hotels exist on the Upshift website, and it is obvious that this is a positive experience for many in the hotel business. 

The Upshift platform provides clear billing transparency to employers, and an Account Manager that will assist employers throughout the various aspects of listing and finding the perfect hotel staff.  Add to this the fact that all HR (Human Resource) duties fall to Upshift, even the W-2 forms needed for taxes. 

Upshift services are available currently to hotels in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee but the company will most likely be expanding soon as it is becoming the popular way to find hotel staff. Upshift takes over all the headaches of finding and hiring hotel staff and does it at a lower price than most other online staffing agencies, employment agencies, or temp agencies.  The results in finding hotel staff speak for the efficacy of the Upshift platform.

About Upshift

Upshift is an online parttime or fulltime provider of applicants for the hotel business.  This industry has specific needsand Upshift addresses these needs with the proper vetting of all possible personnel.  The aggravation associated with finding the right type of hotel employees is eliminated by use of the Upshift platform.  A list of all possible hotel industry jobs that Upshift can provide quality employees for, exists on their website. 

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