Digital Marketing Duo Join Forces With Team of Friendly Monsters To Zap Marketing Woes of Children’s Brands The World Over

London, England – April 20, 2021 – In an unforeseen move, Enchanting Digital CEOs Hannah Whitehouse and Sam Lyon are believed to have partnered with a team of “friendly Monsters” to launch a new digital marketing agency targeted towards children’s brands.

It is understood that Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Lyon are offering advice, done-for-you marketing campaigns and a “priceless gift” – a sticker containing an amusing selfie of a potential client’s Monster of choice.

The CEOs were on their daily walk when they stumbled across a purple monster, who they later learned referred to himself as “Winston”, crying. After checking he was okay, they realised they were in a trap: four other Monsters emerged, and they followed them back to the office.

It wasn’t until they settled back into their work that they discovered these weren’t ordinary monsters.

“I was working on an influencer campaign for a children’s clothing brand,” Mrs Lyon recalls, “when I sensed a tall presence behind me. It was Imelda. What came next surprised me. She reached into her bag and pulled out a little black notebook, flicked through it, and then set it down on the desk. She pointed to a name and said, in a lovely Cornish accent, ‘Don’t you think this blogger would be perfect?’

“Then Hannah rushed into the room and said, ‘You’ll never believe what just happened. I was writing some copy and Winston appeared and asked me if I was using future pacing!’

“I said, ‘What?”, and Hannah replied, ‘I know! He’s a copywriting genius!’ and then I said, ‘No, I mean, he’s actually come out from behind the sofa?'”

Miss Whitehouse reports, “It was at this moment when we knew we were onto something special. Each Monster has their own incredible skill set. Ernie’s great at writing emails, but he’s definitely the trouble-maker of the bunch. We have to watch him closely.”

As part of the launch of Enchanting Digital, the duo are inviting children’s brands to take part in their “Needle-Mover” quiz, which allows companies to discover the best course of action for their marketing campaigns, ranging from strategy and influencer marketing to email marketing, web copy and blog posts. Those who opt into the email list will also receive a special offer to partner with the company at a reduced rate.

“It was all Ernie’s idea,” Miss Whitehouse admits. “Um, speaking of Ernie, he’s terrorising the dogs again. Are we finished here…?”


Enchanting Digital is a daring digital marketing agency for children’s brands built by two digital marketers with over a decade of experience. Specialising in copywriting, email marketing, influencer marketing and more, this duo (and their Monsters) combine humour, direct response and good old-fashioned marketing prowess in their goal to take over the world, one campaign at a time.

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