As the Collectibles Market Soars, Rare Batman Comic Book #1 Sells for $1,200,000+

Holy Skyrocketing Comic Book Values! A Batman #1 comic book, graded 8.0, breaks sales record at

These days, comic book values are flying higher than… well, Batman and Robin, swinging from Batropes over Gotham City.

Because just when you think vintage comic book values can’t go any higher, another record is shattered. This time, it’s an exceedingly-rare Batman #1 — the first issue of the Caped Crusader’s decades-long titular series, one with an 8.0 (Very Fine) CGC rating.

What a meteoric rise it’s been. In 2006, this particular book was purchased by the current seller for $80,000 — and in 2019, a nearly-identical 8.0 sold for $498,000. Now, it’s fetched $1,207,500 at auction, a record for an 8.0 and more than three times its Overstreet value ($398,000).

“Vintage comics have always been great investments,” says collectible vintage comic book expert Stephen Fishler, who managed the sale. “Values are increasing decade by decade.”

“But since the pandemic began, we’re seeing the same heightened activity we saw during the 2008 recession, when investors flocked to comics as a solid alternative to stocks.”

Fishler should know. Not only is he founder and co-owner of, the industry’s leading online auction house, in 1999, he created the 10-point grading scale that’s the industry gold standard. This marks the ninth book his firm has sold for $1,000,000 or more. ComicConnect holds five Guinness Book of World Records (and soon to be six due to a recent Action #1 sale) for threshold-breaking sales.

Published in 1940, Batman #1 is among the most valuable comics in the world, along with 1938’s Action Comics #1 (Superman’s first appearance) and 1939’s Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance).

It was the unprecedented success of Detective Comics #27 that led D.C. Comics to give Batman a self-titled series. (In the comic book market, such “firsts” are highly coveted for their historical significance.) In addition, Batman #1 marks the debut of two of the world’s most popular supervillains: The Joker and Catwoman. 

“There are a very a limited number of existing Golden Age comics in such great condition,” says Fishler.

“This book — printed on cheap paper with cheap ink, intended to be read and thrown away — survived eight decades in a state of incredible preservation.”

Because of their rarity and value, treasures like these hardly ever come up for auction — and when they do, the industry takes notice.

Furthermore, history shows that, each time a new superhero movie or TV show is released, related comic book values increase.

So, what will the Batman #1 8.0 be worth two years from now?

“I won’t hazard a guess,” says Fishler. “But I will say this: this particular book was purchased by a hedge fund manager — an expert in identifying great investments.”

“So, riddle me this: what does that say to you?”


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