18K Gold Robed Bronze Jewellery is Sweeping Canada as a Precious Metal of Choice

The price of gold and even sterling silver has skyrocketed so much over the past decade that very few individuals can now afford these precious metals.  Bronze, on the other hand, has become enormously popular for its look and durability as well as price.  Stainless steel is also creeping up in the jewellery market worldwide, but bronze, especially when coated with 18K gold, is a hands down winner now for many especially in Canada.  Individuals, particularly women still adore jewellery and finding an affordable alternative to pure 18K gold is much appreciated by jewellery lovers. 

Bronzoro of Canada provides the finest 18K gold-plated bronze jewellery that is crafted in Italy.  Every jewellery lover knows that Italy remains the top choice for craftsmanship in style and attention to detail in piece of jewellery.  Nothing is finer, smoother and more glorious to behold than Italian crafted jewellery pieces and using Bronze as the base metal lends affordability now to all types of jewellery.  From earrings to jewellery sets, the quality and style of the pieces offered by Bronzoro is unmatched anywhere. 

The collections that are showcased on Bronzoro are stunning and all pieces are coated with the ultimate quality of 18K gold.  Everything can be mixed or matched, and the styles are up to date and in demand right now.  While trendy, the jewellery is also timeless giving any purchaser years of pleasure.  In addition to dozens of exquisite pieces for women, Bronzoro also caters to men and does feature a men’s collection of 18K gold over bronze jewellery.

In business over ten years, Bronzoro expedites all purchases as quickly as possible and stands by their products.  If a purchase is not satisfactory to a buyer, a refund is given, and there is a 30-day period in which to assess and try the products.  If any purchase needs to be returned, Bronzoro does furnish a return shipping label as soon as customer service is notified.  The company wants all customers to be proud of and satisfied with their purchases. 

Show off to friends and relatives alike with Bronzoro products.  The finishes are so fine and the craftsmanship so astonishing, that no one would ever guess that this is not 100 percent 18K gold.  While pure 18K gold will always be wanted, enrobed bronze is more durable, as pure 18K gold can scratch, bend, or dent easily as it is quite soft.  Using bronze as a base metal eliminates the fragility of 18K. 

Any ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace from Bronzoro will delight anyone and with a satisfaction guarantee, the Italian made jewellery featured is gaining popularity throughout Canada.  Ordering and returns are easy, and the company stands by all its products 100%.  The selection of pieces is huge and does appeal to old and young individuals alike.  Bronzoro can satisfy any jewellery lover of fine jewellery and the affordability makes it possible to buy as many pieces as one could wish to do.

About Bronzoro

Bronzoro is a Canadian-based company that features Italian crafted 18K gold over bronze jewellery.  Delivery is made within 4 to 7 days to any address or PO box within Canada and returns are easy, with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee by the company.  Bronzoro is in business a decade and has collections and separate pieces for both men and women. 

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