IntelliLeash Products, Inc. is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pet Stores Nationwide.

IntelliLeash Products, Inc. is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pet Stores Nationwide.

“Bringing the Intelli-Stayk to a store near you!”
Pet accessories, anchored by the successful Intelli-Stayk which is now available in four variations. IntelliLeash Products also has a line of tie-out cables, natural rubber and rope toys, other traditional tie-out products, training tools, and other unique accessories. Look for additional products to be added soon!

IntelliLeash Products, a successful ecommerce seller of their uniquely designed pet products, anchored by the patented Intelli-Stayk announces plans expand sales into the brick and mortar segment. The Intelli-Stayk by IntelliLeash Products has been a top selling and consumer favorite dog tie-out stake for over 3 years online. The patented Surface-Lockfeature provides unparalleled security due to the unique design that locks the stake to the ground at the surface. This prevents the back-and-forth movement when dogs pull, thereby preventing the soil from loosening. An extra benefit of the design is that it also creates a raised platform near the base which allows the tie-out cable to freely rotate 360 degrees without tangling.  

The strength of the Intelli-Stayk design inspired IntelliLeash Products to create the Mini Intelli-Stayk perfect for dogs under 20 pounds. Measuring only 9” total length, and weighing only 5 ounces, it is strong enough for smaller dogs and is perfect for travel. No other tie-out design can match the Mini’s strength in such a small package.  

In 2020, two additional designs were added by developing Surface-Lock extensions that interlock with the standard Surface-Lock. The two new designs are the Beast-Dog version for the strongest dogs and the Soft-Soil version for use in soils with higher than normal sand content. IntelliLeash Products has been selling almost exclusively online for the past few years in order to focus on achieving two main goals. The first goal was to have at least one highly successful product! The second was to have a wider range of products available in order to be more attractive to brick and mortar retailers. Their approach to achieving those goals was to add products based on the following criteria:

• Add products that complement the Intelli-Stayk
• Add products that pet owners need
• All products should be made with the highest quality materials

In 2020, IntelliLeash Products successfully launched a tie-out cable line that is both diverse and high quality. To augment their cable line, they added an aesthetically pleasing plastic molded crimp cover in the image of their mascot, Roscoe! IntelliLeash Products currently produces their tie-out cables in 19 sizes, including weight categories from 10 pound to 250 pound dogs in a variety of lengths. In the same year they launched a line of natural rubber and rope dog toys under a secondary brand, Roscoe’s Pet Products.  

For 2021, IntelliLeash Products just completed a full redesign of retail packaging created in a manner to give excellent shelf appeal while being efficient for lowering shelf space and shipping costs. New products being launched this year will be additional training accessories and the first products in the cat category.  

According to the President Bob Yackley, IntelliLeash Products will continue to grow in the future through a variety of tactics including:

• Development of value-added products
• Pet Product category expansions
• Potential strategic acquisitions
• Developing and implementing a strategy to protect their supply chain from the growing risk of geopolitical conflict

Bob adds, “IntelliLeash Products approach is to be better. What I mean by this is that we either innovate new products or we make better versions of traditional products.” Their approach to launching products ensures that consumers always get what they expect out of a product and a great value when they purchase it from IntelliLeash Products.

IntelliLeash Products was founded in 2010 and is based in Joliet, Illinois.

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