The US-Overseas Student Union – US-Malaysia International Student Association Establishment Ceremony

The US-Overseas Student Union held an establishment ceremony for the US-Malaysia International Student Association on Saturday April 17, 2021 at Arcadia, CA. Wanying Wu is selected as the first President, Jing Yi Goh as Vice President of the US-Malaysia International Student Association. In the ceremony, Community Outreach Deputy of LA County Jimmy Wu, represents Kathryn Barger (LA County 5th District Supervisor) and San Gabriel City Council Mayor Chin Ho Liao in the ceremony to show support for the US-Overseas Student Union and the newly established association: US-Malaysia International Student Association. 

The US-Overseas Student Union is a California registered non-profit organization formed by Yuzhou Wu the president. The US-Overseas Student Union aims to encourage and enhance interaction among international students in the United States, assist their adjustment to the new environment, and address their issues and concerns. The US-Overseas Student Union also aids international students in achieving success in their educational endeavors as well as in broadening their global awareness and perspectives. Through public welfare activities and related events, the US-Overseas Student Union strives to eliminate misconceptions by improving communication between different cultures, understanding US laws and regulations, recognizing values in American life, and promoting friendship and peace.

Growing up in Malaysia, Wanying Wu completed her undergraduate degree and worked as a public relations specialist. Starting 2009, Wanying Wu began studying abroad in Singapore and various other countries. She then came to the US to pursue her career as an MBA. Currently, Wanying Wu is working at the Easyfind Company as a public relations manager.

During her years studying abroad, Wanying Wu was able to familiarize herself with the new environment and meet various people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She is highly motivated by her personal experiences and struggles in adapting to life in a new country and wishes to support those facing the same challenges. More importantly, Wanying Wu is an activist who advocates for women’s rights and speaks out for the Asian community. 

Starting the beginning of 2021, Asian hate incidents started to increase. Wanying Wu as the interviewer, Yu Zhou Wu as the assistant, and Te Liu as the video producer/director decided to step in and make a difference in the Asian community. The three of them gather individuals coming from different countries, different cultures, and different backgrounds to spread the message “Stop Asian Hate”.  

“It has been my dream to do something for the community. I am glad that the US-Overseas Student Union has provided such a great opportunity for me. This is our first step, I am looking forward to hosting more events in the future to educate younger generations, speak out for the community and to show support for everyone”, said Wanying Wu, the President of the US-Malaysia International Student Association.

“I want everyone to pay attention to these incidents. We all know that this is not something new to us, so we must do something to stop it before it gets larger. My power is not enough, it’s never enough. We all should speak out and do something together to make this happen”, Te Liu said. 

“Not just for international students, we are here for everyone”, Yu Zhou Wu said, the president of US-Overseas Student Union.

The union recognized the challenges that the community is currently facing. The Union stands with the community regardless of an individual’s cultural background or gender. The founder of the US-Overseas Student Union Yu Zhou Wu acknowledges the struggles to adapt to a new life in a new country as an international student and hopes to provide guidance for those who need help.

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Guests who attended the ceremony:

Jimmy Wu, Community Outreach Deputy of LA County, represents Kathryn Barger (LA County 5th District Supervisor)

Chin Ho Liao, San Gabriel City Council Mayor

Wei Lu, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association in Los Angeles

Shu Tang Li, Founder of Easyfind Company

Xiao Ying Liu, Easyfind Company: North American CEO

Bo Xin Yan, PR Law Center Legal Manager

Qi Zhi Zhang, Nanjing International Youth Forum leader

Siong Yap, President of Fujian Association of Americans

Yu Zhou Wu, Founder, and the first president of US-Overseas Student Union 

Hao Shu Wang, President of US-Shandong International Student Support Network 

Te Liu, President of US-Henan International Student Support Network 

Yu Zhang, Vice President of US-Henan International Student Support Network 

Chun Xu, Vice President of US-Shanxi International Student Support Network

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