Spiritual Healer Silja Winther Announces Digital Course on Meditation for Self-Healing

Spiritual Healer Silja Winther Announces Digital Course on Meditation for Self-Healing
The 21-day self-healing meditation challenge! An effortless way to heal yourself.

Spiritually inclined people with high levels of stress or pain who are looking for self-healing, meditation courses and inner peace can now avail of an upcoming email course based on Zikey, a practical tool that improves every aspect of a person’s life. The email course, a 21-day self-healing meditation challenge is taught by Silja Winther, a renowned spiritual teacher with 30 years of experience in natural therapy, psychology, hypnoses, and religion.

With a pandemic bulldozing the world and a second wave threatening once again a breakdown in the economy, health concerns take center stage with mental health a deep-rooted issue prevalent in such times of uncertainty. People more than ever need a mental support mechanism to hang on to sanity. In such conditions, meditation strengthened by spiritual concepts like Zikey is proving extremely helpful to such issues.

The 21-day self-healing challenge through meditation includes a new digital course compiled by spiritual teacher Silja Winther who advocates her method of Zikey that explains the 12 primal energies of the universe, its laws and how to use them. Zikey empowers and encourages a person through mediation to unlock their inner potential, eliminate the negative forces blocking positive life force and taking take charge of one’s own life. Winther explains how at the core of the system is the power of love which is the essential driving force behind it.

Fundamental to Zikey is the absence of religious dogma which Winther explains confuses people with different perspectives and explanations. Zikey on the other hand is a system of self-belief, self-empowerment and a path to self-awareness and inner wisdom.

Winther’s digital email course projected as a 21-meditation challenge for self-healing takes as little as 12 minutes a day. It has been developed by her own incredible insight and she has been using it successfully for 20 years. Her valuable experience, academic qualifications, and knowledge received from her spiritual guides has helped her enhance her own wisdom and spirituality to the point of receiving the insight of Zikey which she feels is extremely relevant in finding spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

Silja’s desire to live a better quality of life stems from the time she suffered juvenile arthritis as a child and was in and out of hospitals. Anxiety took a further toll on her until she finally turned her life around. Healthy diets, natural remedies, and an active approach to her situation finally led to a remarkable recovery. Winther then embarked on her own spiritual journey culminating in the advent of Zikey which she wholeheartedly advocates for people in similar situations.

Winther’s mission is to teach and share spiritual wisdom and improve the quality of people’s lives. Through her tools of Zikey and her upcoming email 21-day mediation challenge course, she hopes she can empower people and find loving solutions for the world.

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