Potty Buddy offers reusable pads that make potty training easier while saving money, environment

Potty Buddy is pushing to revolutionize potty training by offering reusable, leak-free dog pads that make potty training easier to manage and saves money and the environment. 

Potty Buddy said dog owners could eliminate spending $40 every month on regular disposable pads that go straight to the landfill by using potty pads that are larger, more absorbent, and environmentally friendly. 

“These puppy pads are practical, easy to use, safe, environmentally conscious — with a little personality thrown into the mix,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

Potty Buddy said dog owners could say goodbye to wet and soiled floors, furniture, and kennels by using the product. The puppy pads make dogs comfortable and keep homes dry and free of smelly accidents. 

The pads offer a unique design featuring three layers that work together to eliminate leakage and trap odors. 

“Dogs will naturally be attracted to using it because it’s soft, comfortable, and distinctly patterned,” the representative assured.

Potty Buddy said the durable, non-toxic materials make it perfect for potty training, lining crates and kennels, protecting furniture, and placing under food bowls. 

“The uses are endless. Not only do dog owners prevent puddles or drops of urine staining their homes, but they are also doing their part for the environment,” the representative said.

Potty Buddy said dog owners could choose from five different designs and three sizes, allowing them to pick the perfect pad for their dog and home. Its distinctive pattern makes dogs naturally attracted to using it and will distinguish it from other mats and carpets in the house.

To use the puppy pad for house training, dog owners only need to introduce their dogs to the pad, anticipate when they are likely to pee, take them next to the pad to pee, and repeat until the dogs start going to the pad by themselves. 

If the goal is to teach a dog to pee outside, Potty Buddy said owners need to gradually move the pad outside until their dog starts going out by themselves.

Potty Buddy said it designs products to improve the experience of dog ownership by making potty training easier to manage. 

“We’ve been there. We know that raising a pup or taking care of an older animal can be stressful at the best of times, so if we can help alleviate even some of that pressure – we call that a win,” the representative stressed.

Potty Buddy said it seeks to support passionate animal lovers who care about their furry friends and the earth they live on.

With this, the organization said animal lovers could join the Potty Buddy club for training tips and discount codes, among others. 

Potty Buddy said it offers customers the opportunity to contribute to worthy animal-focused causes with each purchase, working to provide safety, security, and enrichment to dogs worldwide.

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