World Pro Ski Tour and Ski Racing Media Highlight Adrenaline-Pumping Stories and Footage in the Professional Alpine Ski Racing Scene

World Pro Ski Tour and Ski Racing Media Highlight Adrenaline-Pumping Stories and Footage in the Professional Alpine Ski Racing Scene

CEO Jon J. Franklin, World Pro Ski Tour, Ski Racing Media

Ski racing has always been one of the most high-octane, fast-paced and exciting sports. Over the years, the dual-format, head-to-head World Pro Ski Tour (WPST) has led this charge, while Ski Racing Media has brought the world of ski racing to a mass audience worldwide. Both are now spearheaded by CEO Jon Franklin. 

The World Pro Ski Tour is the leading professional head-to-head dual-format ski race tour in the world. Now, adding the resurgence of Ski Racing Media, Franklin aims to keep the Alpine ski racing scene in all its aspects at the forefront of the public consciousness, massing viewership numbers for its partners and sponsors.

This viewership of World Pro Ski Tour is led by primetime airings on the CBS Sports Network. In addition, the World Pro Ski Tour produces the reality show “In Between the Gates,” which showcases the stories behind the scenes of the race competitors and of the tour. Each episode airs to over 75 million homes through various platforms, including NBC Regional Sports Networks, AT and T Sports, Amazon Prime, Roku, Hulu, and All Sports Network. WPST is also thriving across social media. 

The World Pro Ski Tour partners with prominent companies such as White Claw, Tito’s Handcrafted Vodka, Alpine Bank, Korbel and more to provide them with an avenue to showcase their products and services in collaboration with the world’s top athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety, Tour Champion Robert Cone, National Champion Garrett Driller, and other up and coming athletes, this year joined by current World Championship and Olympic competitors River Radamus, Luke Winter and AJ Ginnis. 

Likewise, Ski Racing Media, for 50 years dubbed as “The Bible of the Sport,” has recently been re-energized for the current ski racing season. With a fresh team and restructured editorial, Ski Racing Media has quadrupled its readership and reach. Franklin plans to keep and even further expand this momentum that has resulted in new partnerships with national and international brands such as DNA-Vibe, REKS, Tuff Shed, Surefoot, Kjus, and more. 

Despite the COVID pandemic, CEO Jon Franklin managed to raise capital, acquire fresh sponsors, and gather millions of fans for ski racing around the world.

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