Explains the Importance of Online Music Education Explains the Importance of Online Music Education

The coronavirus pandemic may have sped up some of the changes already occurring in modern education, but it didn’t cause them. There was already a push towards an increased reliance on technology in and outside of classrooms, and that’s not a bad thing. The ability to teach and learn subjects like music education online comes with many benefits, especially for kids. Read on to find out about just a few of them.

Ensure Access to a Vital Part of Modern Curricula

There are proven benefits to learning music from a young age. Learning an instrument can help children excel in their academic careers and social lives by enhancing language capabilities, memory, problem-solving abilities, and more. Plus, according to, childhood music education in the context of group ensembles is one of the best ways to encourage teamwork.

In the last year, it has become abundantly clear that not all children have equal access to essential learning tools. Just providing a computer or tablet with Internet access to perform math and reading exercises isn’t enough. Kids also need access to online music courses and additional resources that will help them build other crucial skills.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Parents can attest that learning from home comes with some drawbacks. However, it also has a lot of advantages. Students who are learning music online can do so from the comfort of their own homes, which can be an especially large benefit for those who would otherwise have to participate in extracurricular band or individual practice sessions. Instead of having to wake up and arrive at school even earlier in the morning or staying after until the buses have stopped running, kids can learn music right from their own living rooms.

Kids Can Learn at Their Own Pace

Not all kids learn music at the same pace. Some require extra time to learn and practice new methods. With online learning, instructors don’t have to hold every student to the same standards. If some of the musicians need extra help or more time to figure out a challenging piece, it’s much easier to help them catch up.

Easier Access to Learning Materials

It used to be the case that music instructors had to purchase and print sheet music for each instrument. Now, those same materials can be accessed easily, and often for free, online. Instructors can also offer easy access to additional learning materials, as in the example of the Teacher Who Helped Kids Learn Music at Home with New Book Series.

Make Sure Music Education Doesn’t Fall by the Wayside

Most of the attention during the COVID-19 pandemic has gone to core reading and STEM classes. Foundations like Save the Music believe that today’s students deserve more. They know that all children can benefit from comprehensive music education and that online classes can help to keep the tradition alive until all students are able to return safely to their classrooms.

There’s a good chance that some level of online learning is here to stay. Music education should play a bigger role in at-home coursework. Learning music helps kids develop new skills and provides an excellent outlet for personal expression.

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