Discusses How to Craft a Celebrity PR Press Release Discusses How to Craft a Celebrity PR Press Release

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day. Around 80% of them get tossed right in the garbage, often before it even gets read, so don’t underestimate the importance of crafting a professional release with an eye-catching headline. Read on to find out how to craft the perfect celebrity press release that will be sure to grab the attention of both journalists and their readers.

Keep It Short

It may be tempting to offer all kinds of juicy details, but according to, press releases should never be more than one page long. Today’s readers have short attention spans. The most effective press releases are tailored to catch their attention and keep it there for the duration of the piece, so it shouldn’t belong.

Keep It Simple

Press releases should always be issued on standard printer paper. Avoid unusual sizes and shapes, and resist the temptation to include “original” designs. The paper should be plain white with no printed borders, letterheads, photos, color tints, or shades, and the text should be double-spaced. The media isn’t going to pay attention to celebrities who don’t play their game so take a look at this website for in-depth formatting guidelines.

Open With a Time Qualifier

Letterheads are never included in press releases. However, all professional media releases do start with a time qualifier in the upper left-hand corner. It tells the reporter when to release the information and, perhaps even more importantly, it lets him or her know that the person who wrote the press release knows how the process works. Most celebrity press releases are qualified as “for immediate release.”

Include Direct Contact Information

When the Publicists Are Away, the Stars Will Play, and that’s not always a good thing when it comes to a media image. Celebrities should include the direct contact information for their PR agents in the upper-right corner of their press releases. Put the publicist’s name on the second line down from the top, then follow it up with a direct phone number.

Get the Headline Right

If there’s one factor that matters more than correct formatting, it’s getting the headline right. It should be eye-catching, yet straightforward, and should entice the person reading it to finish the press release through to the very end. When in doubt about how to craft the perfect headline, contact Lobeline Communications for help.

Format the Body Correctly

The first paragraph should only be two to three sentences long, and it should sum up the entire story. The second paragraph should contain both credentials and quotes. The third paragraph should be a call to action that defines what the celebrity wants to happen in simple, straightforward terms. The vast majority of successful press releases are formatted in this way, so celebrities should stray from standard formatting only at their own risk.

Let an Expert Handle It

If these basic guidelines sound complicated, just think how hard it will be to get every detail right. It should come as no surprise that most celebrities do not handle their own public relations or write their own press releases. Instead, try working with an expert in the field who knows the ins and outs of how to cultivate and maintain a positive media image.

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