Overcoming the Pain: How GooseNumba2 Soothes His Listeners’ Ears with Relatable and Melodic Music

Overcoming the Pain: How GooseNumba2 Soothes His Listeners’ Ears with Relatable and Melodic Music

When life throws people lemons, it is unexpectedly easy to throw the lemons back at life. People struggle from the shock of being thrown at, and the pain invokes varying emotions that urges them to do anything but good. While many find it hard to bounce back, there are a few others like Kobe Gilbert, also known as GooseNumba2, who creates beauty from his experiences. He was able to create something out of a challenging thing, and people instantly loved him for that.

Born in North Philadelphia, GooseNumba2 is a rapper known for his unique melodic style. He raps based on his emotions and life experiences, and his songs vary from having low to high tones, which inevitably keeps him different from other rappers.

GooseNumba2 had gone through life challenges that became his turning points in pursuing a career in the music industry. He lost two of his closest friends from gun violence, and the pain invoked a lot of emotion, leaving him feeling lost and wandering. His nephew and girlfriend encouraged him to move forward, and with the desire to be better not just for himself but also for those who supported him during the toughest times, he pursued rapping and started his career in the music industry.

His audience applauded his courage to voice every feeling and thought he has. Making songs coming from his emotions and creating his own sound in the music industry, GooseNumba2 and his listeners both find comfort in his music. He writes lyrics that he cannot normally speak out, and people listen to songs with relatable personal stories that they also have difficulty going through. Music became his sanctuary, and consequently, his songs became his listener’s source of comfort.

GooseNumba2 is set to release his five-track EP called GOOSEBUMPS on the 21st of April. It’s an album with songs based on real life experiences and pain, and listeners await the coming of the masterpieces that will surely touch their hearts and invoke unforgettable emotions. The first track “The Rent” talks about the pain brought by losing two of the most important people in his life. One of the tracks, which is entitled, “Business Man” speaks about how he is doing now, while the last song, “2000 Days” dwells on the wisdom he desires to share about staying down and being patient in life.

Pursuing his passion not just for himself but also for the ones who have endlessly supported him, GooseNumba2 plans to establish his own label, which he will be building with his family. He will sign his brother who is a videographer, his nephew who is a music artist, and his girlfriend who is currently majoring in business. Recognizing the importance of these people in his life, he ensures to bring them with him on his journey to success.

Life is not always filled with flowers, butterflies, and beautiful sunrises. Oftentimes, people experience sunsets, darkness, and immense pain. While it is inevitably hard to move forward after losing loved ones and not knowing how to go on, with the help of the significant people in GooseNumba2’s life, he was able to get back on his feet and use his unforgettable experience to comfort others. Successfully surpassing all the challenges that life throws at him, he is now a rising rap artist bringing more people to success.

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