Brittany Browne, a Widely-Acclaimed Life Coach Behind the Book “Supernova: Becoming the Star of Your Own Galaxy”

Brittany Browne, a Widely-Acclaimed Life Coach Behind the Book "Supernova: Becoming the Star of Your Own Galaxy"

When anything ends, may it be a person’s career, relationship, and more, it is easy to find oneself adrift. Given that people almost always ground themselves in their roles as sons, daughters, partners, employees, etc., losing that tether to a huge part of their identity could prove debilitating. In trying to move on from such a challenge, it is often helpful to seek the help of professionals and those who have been established as experts in guiding an individual toward growth. Brittany Browne, a widely acclaimed authority in the personal development space, has emerged as a go-to mentor, especially for women seeking to take control of their future and rewrite their story.

As a highly sought-after educator, author, motivational speaker, and certified master life coach, Brittany Browne has secured a coveted spot within the industry for her outstanding excellence in stewarding, inspiring, and delivering practical coaching methods for various audiences. Not only is she known for collaborating with clients in discovering and defining both their personal and professional purpose, but she has also earned acknowledgment for serving as a pillar of support while those under her wing achieve their goals and unlock the secret to their own happiness.

Brittany Browne is no stranger to the countless odds that one has to beat in life. After getting divorced from an eleven-year marriage, she became intimately privy to the considerable effort that it would take to move forward. “It was then that I realized that my identity was wrapped in my marriage and I knew I needed to reconnect with who I was or wanted to be,” shares the well-respected expert.

Years down the road, Brittany Browne can attest to the fact that it was her own past traumas that enabled her to help clients. On top of drifting away from a partner that she said yes to in her youth, she had to contend with the reality of losing a mother to cancer and the pains that come with obtaining a nursing degree. Through it all, she learned much-needed insights and transformed into a better version of herself.

Capitalizing on her own wealth of experiences, she maneuvers her clients toward the vision they want to translate. Today, this certified coach, motivational speaker, and registered nurse stands at the helm of Brittany Browne Life Coaching. At the core of her service is an emphasis on the importance of connecting one’s past to their purpose and embracing their truth in order to cultivate meaningful relationships with oneself and others. In nudging people toward the right direction, she takes on a tailored approach because she believes that no two persons are the same. “To facilitate growth and transformation, coaching requires personalized, relatable, and uncanny approaches,” she adds.

Brittany Browne, who takes pride in her communication and organizational skills, has a lot to bring to the table. She is the strategic and creative mind behind the book “Supernova: Becoming the Star of Your Own Galaxy,” which outlines the six steps an individual needs to consider when reconnecting with who they are. This interactive guide covers self-help strategies for self-discovery, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, transparency, and more.

Over the years, Brittany Browne has managed to lend a hand to countless women. In the coming years, she aims to impact tens to hundreds of thousands of women nationally and internationally. Armed with this plan, the “Supernova” author is not slowing down anytime soon.

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