Explains Why a Criminal Background Check Is Essential Explains Why a Criminal Background Check Is Essential

Many people think back to when they last filled out a job application. Was it honest, or did they stretch the truth just a wee bit? News reports say that 78% of job candidates who applied or received a job offer within the last six months either lied or would consider lying or misrepresenting themselves on their application. That percentage was calculated from a pool of 400 job applicants, hiring managers, human resources staff members, and recruiters. Those numbers show exactly why it’s vital to perform a criminal background check anytime when considering hiring a candidate or trying to sort through large applicant pools.

What Can a Criminal Background Check Determine?

Criminal background checks can find a wealth of information about somebody, and not just their arrest record, either. Depending on how in-depth the background check is, it can pull data from national, federal, state, or even county court databases. One can find out additional info on the web, and research the wide range of options concerning the thorough and accurate background checks performed. If one needs to run a criminal background check, try a website similar to Checkr.

Background checks can reveal an applicant’s criminal history, including felony or misdemeanor pending cases or convictions, and incarceration history for adults. Juvenile records are sealed for confidentiality reasons, and sealed arrest records or conviction records are also not available to the general public or on a background check.

Arrests that didn’t end up in a conviction may also be available for some cases. Background checks can also give information on past education, prior employment history, and if the person has any professional licenses. It can also include information on driving records and any prior history with child services too.

Different Types of Background Checks

Criminal background checks are not the only kind, however. There are a few different types of background checks commonly used by people like hiring managers, Realtors, landlords, credit companies, and even for personal reasons. Some other kinds of background checks include:

  • MVR Report

  • Verifying Identity

  • Credit Check

  • Professional License Check

  • Education Background Check

  • Fingerprint Check

  • E-Verify check

One of the most commonly used background checks is for credit history. If one’s a landlord or rents properties, having this information is critically important. If one rents to somebody and doesn’t know if they can pay their bills, one has a risk of losing money if they move out suddenly and still owe one’s rent. If they have a history of doing so, one could find out with a credit check. When one finally finds a renter with excellent credit history, one can tell them, “
You Had Me at ‘Has Never Filed for Bankruptcy’,’” and get them moved into one’s property right away. Then, one can have peace of mind knowing that one’s investment is secure and will bring one’s profit every month.  

However, background checks are also vital for hiring. If one works in HR and has to hire somebody for a position requiring the handling of sensitive information or a lot of money, the person eventually chosen matters. According to, a shocking 75% of employees have admitted to stealing something at least once from their company. That’s why it’s so vital to conduct background checks. That way, one can weed out the applicants who don’t have a good history or might not be the right fit for one’s company.

Background Checks are Crucial for Business

Criminal background checks can offer a fountain of pertinent information about somebody. This can be an invaluable tool for hiring managers, landlords, and others who need to know a person’s criminal history, credit history, or driving history. This limits the amount of risk one’s company takes on by hiring somebody who’s completely unknown. That’s why it’s crucial to conduct background checks every time there are strict standards to be met. They provide a wealth of vital information that can help one’s determine precisely what’s in a potential applicant’s personal history, which is incredibly important in this day and age.

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