Japanese university graduates launch katana steel startup to promote Japanese culture in the US

Culturally significant Japanese folded steel accessories handcrafted through traditional techniques.

APRIL 21, 2021 – Graduates from Sophia University (one of Japan’s top 3 private universities) have launched Hatano Sen, a startup aimed at promoting Japanese culture in the United States by offering handcrafted accessories produced from katana steel. Initially based in Tokyo, Hatano Sen has since moved its offices to Austin, Texas.

Through production processes based on traditional Japanese techniques, Hatano Sen aims to provide culturally significant pieces to its customers while also creating individual meaning through personalized engraving options. Each of their products is named after a famous historical figure, legend, or concept in Japan and are designed to reflect and tell a story that is relevant to their namesake.

Some of Hatano Sen’s offerings include handcrafted bracelets, pendants, knives, swords, and rings and have proven to be popular amongst its clientele with over 400 five star reviews on their website to date. Many of their clients include military personnel in the United States who subscribe to the Samurai bushido code, fans of Japanese culture, as well as third or fourth generation Japanese Americans looking to reconnect with their culture.

Hatano Sen’s pieces are crafted by hand by a smith who has been trained extensively in Japanese smithing techniques, and are made to be individually unique. As they subscribe to a made-to-order model, most, if not all of their accessories and the metals to be utilized are created entirely from scratch once an order is placed.

More information can be found at https://hatanosen.com/

About Hatano Sen

Hatano Sen is an eCommerce startup founded in Japan that aims to provide culturally significant accessories handcrafted from katana steel.

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