Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Cukier Spreads Good Vibes at the Smile Makeover Center

The popular cosmetic dentist has caught global attention with his impressive smile makeovers.

A smile can say a lot of things about a person. It can make someone look more attractive and confident. It can also help boost morale or lighten the mood of the person who sees it. But imagine how much more positivity can a smile spread if all smiles are perfect.

This is where the expertise of Dr. Robert Cukier comes in. Dr. Cukier, more popularly known as Dr. C, is a cosmetic dentist who continues to spread positivity by making the perfect smile. Dr. Cukier is also recognized as the Smile Makeover Dentist because of his flawless cosmetic dental works that impressed even the most discerning people. He provides comprehensive dental care services that also promote optimal dental health care. Among his top-quality services are cleanings, fillings, whitening, veneers, periodontal disease treatment, and root canal therapy that complete smile makeovers and dental implants. Other services and information about Dr. Cukier and his clinic are found on his website, http://www.smilequeens.com.

Dr. Cukier’s works reflect his passion for putting a smile on his patients’ faces. A graduate of New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Cukier recognizes that the key to achieving a conservative treatment is through preventive care, early diagnoses, and solid patient education. His mission is to treat his patients using the latest technologies that provide the most comfortable and minimally invasive dentistry in New York City.

Dr. Cukier takes time in knowing a patient before recommending any kind of procedure. This allows him to know what a patient needs and the best solution that he can provide the patient. He does this to guarantee that what services he provides the first time is the best solution, helping his patient save more time and money in the process. This technique allows him to win more clients who eventually become friends not only because of his expertise but also because of his honesty and professionalism.

For Dr. Cukier, his patients and their smiles always come first. He makes sure that they are comfortable, not only with his services but also every time they visit his Glendale Family Dental Clinic. And to ensure this, his Glendale clinic maintains a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Patients can set the music being played in their room, as well as what’s shown on the 70-inch television set to help alleviate their nervousness and anxiety.

Cukier is a dentist to celebrities and important personalities who willingly pay thousands of dollars for the high-quality, custom-made smile makeovers he does. Dr. Cukier even has Saudi royals as patients who flew to New York just to avail of his commissioned smile makeover.

Apart from being a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cukier is also a talented artist, musician, and composer. He uses his artistic skills in creating custom veneer smile makeovers, mixing different shades of white to give those pearly whites the natural look. He also brings his manual dexterity to offer soft touch when it comes to his dental works.

Dr, Cukier was featured in Dr. Oz show, where he showcased his expertise in smile makeovers.

About Dr. Cukier – The Smile Makeover

Dr. Robert Cukier provides full-service dentistry for everything using the latest technologies that allow the most comfortable and minimally invasive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in New York. He practices at Glendale Family Dental, Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, New York.

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