Dr. Robert W. Sheffield MD Plastic Surgery Discusses The Ways To Increase The Longevity of The Results From a Facelift Procedure

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield MD Plastic Surgery Discusses The Ways To Increase The Longevity of The Results From a Facelift Procedure

“Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbara and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.”
These days people opt for facelifts and other cosmetic procedures for the purpose of reducing the signs of aging. Hence, Dr. Robert W. Sheffield MD Plastic Surgery from Santa Barbara offers tips on the practices people must do to get the most from their facelift procedure.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield MD Plastic Talks about Facelift and its Wonders

People are now becoming more beauty conscious as there is a constant need to be in the limelight. People have to stay in front of the camera at all times. Hence, they might want to go for the best procedures like facelift or chin lift and more. These cosmetic procedures are now affordable at places like Santa Barbara based SB Aesthetics Medical Spa.

“We constantly get requests for the facelift Santa Barbara local procedure from people who have loose or sagging skin on neck that may look dull. Our patients may face these issues of loose and sagging skin and other such problems with age or due to the impact of pollution. Inadequate nourishment and care to the body can cause these lines or skin to lose its tautness. Hence, we at SB Aesthetics Medical Spa offer the best facelift. Besides this, you will also need some more care after the treatment,” states Dr. Sheffield.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield MD Plastic Surgery On Post-Procedure Care

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield highlights the need for patients to exercise caution after the facelift surgery. There will be dressings and bandages after the surgery and one would need to rest or recline with at least two pillows under the head. It is advisable not to sleep on the side but on the back for at least two weeks.

Patient should take the prescribed medicines and wear light clothes for the first week. Placing ice packs on the area of surgery for the days to follow will be relaxing. It is not unusual to get some bleeding on the face after operation. It is advisable to do any activity that might increase the blood pressure in the days following the operation. Also, avoid any medication during the recovery period. There are a few topical creams and ointments to use that may hydrate the skin.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Offers Effective Facelift Solutions

Consider asking Dr. Robert W. Sheffield from SB Aesthetics Medical Spa to help the patients in picking the right choice of ointment for topical use. There are other chemical peels and dermabrasion to take other post-operative treatments in consultation with the doctor. The facelift procedure is often done in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid surgery Santa Barbara, rhinoplasty and neck lift.

Since last year, Dr. Robert W. Sheffield MD Plastic Surgery has been teleconsulting for patients to get the best results from facelift.

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