Gokhan Elcin said that they aim to be the leader in Central Europe

Gokhan Elcin said that they aim to be the leader in Central Europe

“Gökhan Elçin”

Eatvo is an online market initiative that delivers more than 3,000 products, 7 days a week,in less than 20 minute. Entrepreneur Gökhan Elçin launched Eatvo in October 2020 in Hungary, which has recently become the favorite destination of Turkish business people. Gökhan Elçin says that the characteristics that distinguish Eatvo from its different local and international competitors (even if in different business models) and that will lead to success, are derived from the genes of Turkish entrepreneurs. Elcin said: “If you look at the sectors in which Turkish entrepreneurs have been successful lately, you will see that the game and service sector comes first. Our creativity, our ability to provide customer satisfaction and taking initiative put us forward on some issues. We built Eatvo’s model on these features.”

Eatvo, which provides services with its applications available in Apple Store and Google Play Store, will soon add its web shop to its customers’ options. Customer satisfaction is a very important parameter in this line of business that redesigns traditional grocery shopping. As there are plenty of alternatives, users can instantly delete an application they are not happy with. Gökhan Elçin says that they also focus on the hand on experience of the client about the application. Eatvo is not just an initiative that does a supply chain optimization and saves you time by moving your shopping online. We are an initiative that wants to activate emotions and thoughts as well. At Eatvo, we are part of people’s 24 hours. Although we are a small part of this 24-hour period for now, we have a goal to make people very happy in the time allocated to us. Then we aim at spreading this happiness to the other parts of this 24 hour.


Globalization and diversification of the customer portfolio are indispensable for today’s companies. Today, even the Turkish companies that are doing business in traditional sectors form their budgets with the aim of providing at least 50% of their turnover from abroad. Eatvo, founded in Hungary, is determined to carry its global journey to a larger scale. Gökhan Elçin says that their first goal is to become widespread in Central Europe. He said “Our first important goal in our journey with Hungary is to become the leading online market venture in Central Europe. In line with this goal, our infrastructure works  on opening to Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic markets continue at full speed. After reaching the target number of users, we have good plans in Eatvo’s agenda to provide more benefits to users’ lives.”

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important issues in our country recently. The entrepreneurship ecosystem has great benefits in the growth of economies, in increasing productivity and in revealing other benefits that will be introduced by new technologies. However, entrepreneurship is not as easy as it seems. Entrepreneur Gökhan Elçin emphasizes diligence, sustainable mental health and teamwork as the key to this process. He said: “Entrepreneurship is not a subject that you can achieve only by training. Creating and growing a startup is a process where you can face challenges that you could not initially anticipate. A process with emotional ups and downs, where the desire and ambition for success can change every day, with anger and frustration for failure. While managing this process, bringing together and trusting teammates with high awareness, having the diligence to carry out all kinds of work related to your field, and mental maturity that can withstand these emotional ups and downs are important features that will lead you to success.”

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