Dr. Robert Cole Launches a Self-Help Book that Helps Readers Find Their Passion in Life, While Having an Improved State of Mind

In late 2020, intensive care specialist Dr. Robert Cole released his debut self-improvement guide, How to Build a Smile: 14 Ways to a Better You, during a year when happiness was often hard-won. With core teachings honed on the front lines of a historic global crisis, Dr. Cole’s work reflects a depth of understanding that can’t be imitated, matched, or bested.

How to Build a Smile is Dr. Cole’s personal method for channeling positivity and gratitude as fuel to navigate even the most stressful situations. Dr. Cole draws upon a wealth of experience in critical care to offer insights about the true nature of happiness and how simple actions can make difficult days less daunting. For those struggling with feelings of powerlessness, Dr. Cole’s work highlights how readers can become the architects of their own emotions and create a strong foundation for the times ahead.

Just as stress and tragedy can affect people of any age, How to Build a Smile is similarly universal. From teenagers to adults, college students to retirees, Dr. Cole’s work contains flexible strategies that can be tailored to fit readers’ individual circumstances. Unlike abstract self-help books that promote a superficial “mind over matter” approach, How to Build a Smile is a roadmap that teaches the audience how to live well through concrete, actionable steps.

Reviewers praise How to Build a Smile as “truly much more than an elaborate pep-talk” and cite the timeliness of Dr. Cole’s work during such a tumultuous period in world history. With his accessible language, personal examples, and invaluable reflections on happiness, Dr. Cole has made a memorable contribution to the field of self-improvement.

Dr. Cole was inspired to write after recognizing that the energy wasted by dwelling in negativity can be harnessed to escape it. For readers who are treading water, How to Build a Smile is both a life raft and a lesson in how to start swimming for shore.

How to Build a Smile: 14 Ways to a Better You is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

Dr. Robert Cole is a physician, clinical site director, and assistant professor of medicine at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. He also serves as the Regional Medical Director for NJ Health Hospice and Palliative Care. During the 2020 coronavirus surge, Dr. Cole was an integral part of the COVID-19 response. He has been featured on Good Morning Sacramento, NBC, ABC, and WGN News Chicago. Aside from his career in critical care, he has a passion for uplifting others through his writing.

Dr. Cole can be found online at www.howtobuildasmile.com.

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