Liposome-based siRNA/mRNA In Vivo Transfection Kits from BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences announced the release of in vivo RNA transfection kits.

New York, USA – April 22, 2021 – BOC Sciences announced the release of in vivo RNA transfection kits in the company’s popular in vivo delivery product series, including siRNA in vivo transfection kits and mRNA in vivo transfection kits, which are suitable for in vivo transfection of siRNA and mRNA, respectively. The company also provides customized products that encapsulate target molecules into in vivo transfection reagents that target specific tissues.

Transfection is one of the main laboratory methods used to introduce DNA and RNA molecules into cells and tissues through the cell barrier and deliver DNA, small interfering RNA (siRNA), mRNA and even proteins into the cells for research or therapeutic purposes.

Cationic liposome-based RNA delivery kits can effectively deliver siRNA or mRNA molecules to tissues to induce targeted RNAi or targeted gene expression. Due to the effective mRNA/siRNA-liposome encapsulation, liposome components not only provide protection of mRNA/siRNA in vivo, but also improve transfection efficiency while reducing cytotoxicity caused by premature release.

BOC Sciences has previously developed a lipid-based DNA in vivo transfection system for efficient gene delivery in animals.

About BOC Sciences

The BOC Sciences TRANSFECTION department is dedicated to the production of transfection products for in vitro and in vivo research and pharmaceutical applications. BOC Sciences provides more than 50 transfection products for biomedical research, including in vivo transfection reagents, transporter type-specific transfection reagents, cell type-specific transfection reagents, and electroporation kits.

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