Ingrid Fredriksson’s ‘The Journey to Life or Death,’ Distributed by Author’s Tranquility Press, is a Tale of Extraordinary Experiences

Ingrid Fredriksson’s recently released fiction, ‘The Journey to Life or Death’ is a tale of extraordinary experiences. The Swedish author has brought to life some widely debated themes such as consciousness, space-time evolution, well-being, and the illustrations are no less than impressive.

Ingrid describes a unique and personal ‘out of body in-the-body’ experience, as she likes to call it. Her story begins on a typical day at work as large grey tufts suddenly appear before her eyes. In a matter of moments, Ingrid experiences a disconnection from her body, making it extremely difficult to conduct a simple task like putting on lipstick.

As they conducted various checkups, Ingrid soon found out that she had suffered a stroke that had destroyed a part of her left brain. She wondered if she would ever talk again or if death was closer than she expected.

“A large blood vessel was completely blocked. The blood platelets piled up on top of each other more and more. This was my brain close to the speech center. Would my brain be destroyed? Would I be able to speak again? Was this actual death that I was experiencing?” says Ingrid Fredriksson in her book, The Journey to Life or Death.

The book will lead the reader on a journey with Ingrid Fredriksson as she discovers the deeper worlds of human consciousness. The Journey to Life or Death is available for sale on Amazon, Adlibris, Bokus, and The work is distributed by Author’s Tranquility Press, a publishing company specializing in advising authors on the best deals available in the market while offering them premium services.

Ingrid Fredriksson has an M.A. degree in public health education and a Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences. She currently resides in Sweden but has written many books in English.

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