Author’s Tranquility Press Celebrates the Release of Gordon D. Tucker’s “The Big Little Rainbow” Children’s Book

Differences should be celebrated. The new children’s book “The Big Little Rainbow” carries this crucial message in a thought-provoking way that teaches kids as much as it entertains.

Bullying is a very real problem that has such a damaging impact on kids and young people’s lives. Experts agree one of the best and most effective ways of fighting against “bullyism” is to make children aware of how wrong it is at as early an age as possible. In that spirit, Author’s Tranquility Press recently announced the release of “The Big Little Rainbow” by Gordon D. Tucker, a remarkably well produced and compelling children’s book that tackles these important issues in a way that’s easy for even young kids to process and understand.

“We love to work with authors who produce such uplifting and inspirational content,” commented a spokesperson from Author’s Tranquility Press. “A book like this is something many families will take to heart and it may even change some young lives for the better.”

“The Big Little Rainbow” tells the story of a little boy being bothered by bullies… and the rainbow that comes to help. It stresses the value of inclusion and acceptance, while rejecting discrimination and racism. It emphasizes how the choices we make in how we treat each other with kindness can help create a better world for everyone. The Big Little Rainbow shows us that just as different colors live side by side to make a beautiful rainbow, we can all work together to make a happier world.

“The Big Little Rainbow” is available for purchase in Paperback and Ebook versions exclusively on LULU. It is also currently on a Bookstore Placement Program with Author’s Tranquility Press and will hit the physical bookstores soon!

The new book is winning quick praise from families.

Helen S., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, “This is my first experience with the author and my son can be picky. So I was really pleased to see what a wonderful book ‘The Big Little Rainbow’ is and how much my son loved it. He also seems to have understood the message, which is really wonderful. Fully recommended.”

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