What Google Ad Agencies Are Hiding From Their Customers.

TwoFoldX Has The New Strategy To Dramatically Reduce CPA & Double Leads.

Google search is an amazing channel, but the more you spend, the more expensive your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) & Cost-Per-Action (CPA) gets. That’s because Google is an auction, where advertisers can bid up certain keywords to get more clicks. However the more you bid, the higher your cost per lead.

The unit economics are easy to understand. If you drive for higher positions in your main account, your CPCs go up as does your cost per lead. And Google don’t let you “double serve” in the auction, so you effectively tap out at a certain amount of spend. TwoFoldX has pioneered a model allowing advertisers to show in lower positions giving you conversions & sales at a lower cost than you can achieve yourself. Clever.

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If you’re interested in more leads for less from Google search then check out the gang over at TwoFoldX, they already call some of America’s biggest brands their clients including Brydge, Pet Plate & ShipBob.

Contact James at TwoFoldX here: https://twofoldx.com/contact-us/

James Smith is Co-Founder of TwoFoldX.com and has worked in digital marketing for over 17 years helping hundreds of companies navigate the digital advertising landscape. He is also a divemaster and enjoys long walks on the beach with his dogs Piper & Jerry.

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