Explains What to Do After a Texas Truck Accident Explains What to Do After a Texas Truck Accident

Accidents involving semi-trucks can have devastating consequences for other drivers on the road. When accident victims are gravely injured, it’s obvious what they need to do. Call 911 and take an ambulance to the nearest hospital to seek treatment. If, however, one or more of the passengers has sustained only minor injuries, knowing what to do immediately following the crash can make a huge difference when it comes to dealing with the long-term repercussions.

Step One: Call the Police

No matter how serious or seemingly minor the accident was, drivers should always report semi-truck crashes to the police. Let the 911 dispatcher know how many vehicles were involved and how badly injured the victim or victims are. Even if no one was seriously hurt, according to, it’s still important to file a police report. The police will maintain accurate records of the vehicles involved, and accident victims can use the report as documentation.

Step Two: Seek Medical Attention

Don’t assume that because no catastrophic injuries occurred, it’s not worth seeking medical attention. One or more of the people involved may have suffered injuries that do not have immediate symptoms. Problems like internal bleeding can be very serious and may not be obvious on the scene.

Step Three: Document Evidence

Those who have not sustained serious injuries should take a moment to document evidence at the scene. Take pictures, write down witnesses’ contact information, and get contact information for not just the truck driver, but also the trucking company. It’s also worth noting down the weather conditions or other potential contributing factors that may not be immediately evident in photos. Accident victims can get more information about what’s relevant online.

Step Four: Get the Vehicle Inspected

Like people, cars don’t always show symptoms of internal damage immediately after an accident. When a Raised dump truck bed causes major accident, that’s one thing, but seemingly minor crashes can still cause serious damage. Have the car inspected and appraised as soon as possible, but don’t have it repaired. The repair estimate should be part of the driver’s insurance claim, and each company has different requirements regarding the documentation of evidence and making repairs.

Step Five: Hire a Lawyer

Before talking to anyone from an insurance company or discussing the accident on social media, schedule a consultation with a lawyer like Thomas J. Henry. Accident victims often make innocent misjudgments regarding what will be interpreted as accepting liability without realizing how it will affect their cases. A lawyer will offer advice about how to proceed, help with insurance companies, and, if necessary, representation in court.

The Bottom Line

Truck accidents often lead to injuries. While the most important thing for accident victims to consider is their immediate health and safety, knowing what to do in the absence of catastrophic injuries can help when it comes time to seek compensation. Those who have not been severely injured in truck accidents can, and should, take responsibility for helping their friends or family members gather evidence while they focus on their recoveries.

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