Deaf Parents Honored in Global Event

22 April, 2021 – Boston, MA – Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) International is proud to announce the 25th anniversary of Mother Father Deaf Day/Deaf Parents Day on Sunday, 25 April 2021.  Hearing children of Deaf adults celebrate our common heritage and family experiences on the last Sunday in April each year around the world.  We do so because we appreciate the exposure we have had  growing up in families with a visual orientation to the world and, in most families, to a visual signed language.  Seeing life from the viewpoints of both Deaf and hearing perspectives is a gift for which we are grateful.  

Data indicates that most children born to Deaf adults are able to hear.  Since 1983, CODA International has been a gathering place for us to explore our heritage and experiences.  Our families vary from 2-parented or single-parented households with either all hearing children, only one hearing child, or multiple siblings where only one can hear.  Each experience is unique yet we find that no matter what our family structure or geographic location, we share much in common. 

Codas have made their mark in the worlds of academia, politics, sports, entertainment, and other endeavors.  Since Mother Father Deaf Day/Deaf Parents Day falls on the same day as the 2021 Academy Awards this year,  we highlight here several prominent Coda actors including Louise Fletcher (winner of the 1976 Academy Award for Best Actress), Grace Byers (portrayed Anika Calhoun in Empire), and Paul Raci (nominee for 2021 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor).

Codas around the world are planning activities to celebrate this 25th anniversary including in-person gatherings such as picnics (as permitted by COVID-19 restrictions), online social events, and family get-togethers to recognize the gifts of heritage and language given to us by our parents. Events are planned from Canada to South Africa and across the US.

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