Basirly: The Revolutionary Psychic Reading App Is One Click Away

Dubai – “Tomorrow’s fortune hides behind a thick curtain like a secret yet to be uncovered. But what if there was a way to draw the curtains open and look out the window? What if the choice was at your fingertips.”

The entertainment platform Basirly, based in Delaware, USA, presently targets users in the Middle East and is looking to expand its reach into Europe and North America. The application rejuvenates the ancient and psychic reading art by connecting users to real certified psychics and has, since inception, been branching out its services to meet all your counselling needs.

Ancient reading services have been around for centuries with palm reading, coffee cup reading, horoscope telling and natal charts, amongst many others, traditionally conducted face-to-face; nevertheless, psychic reading is no exception to the digitalization boom that has been accelerating over the past decade. 

The Basirly application, already catering for a substantial user-base interested in the ancient arts for over four years, has also been riding this digital wave and accordingly strengthening its reliability and expanding its demand.

The number of users has been increasing on a yearly basis driven by the application’s adoption of real-time voice and video communication which in turn has elevated the user experience towards engaging content. In this regard, the application connects its users to a plethora of highly qualified multi-lingual specialized service providers across five languages, English, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Spanish. All of the certified readers can be publicly rated, enabling users to perform their due diligence prior to selecting their preferred professional.


The platform was developed and launched in 2016 by seasoned entrepreneurs Karim Charif and Fouad Itani. Both founders boast extensive experience in telecommunication, technology, and user services, having developed more than fifty applications and platforms across varied segments. 

Charif and Itani identified a missing element in the art of psychic reading as it was not effectively addressed by technology and telecommunication; they thus capitalized on this market and investment opportunity pertaining to the digitalization of the business of certified psychics.

Accordingly, they put their forces together and worked hard with their teams to develop a service that builds on their telecommunication and technology track-records and caters for those seeking to experience the ancient arts in a modern, revolutionary way. Over the past few years, Basirly has witnessed tremendous growth across the Middle East, Europe, and Northern and Southern America under Charif’s and Itani’s leadership.


Nowadays, commensurately with the advancement and convenience of technology, the digital dissemination and consumption of information via online platforms has been on the rise uninterruptedly, most notably through mobile applications. Basirly is therefore extremely well positioned to meet such gap by offering its users live psychic reading sessions with real certified professionals. In fact, the application is continually being approached by a number of individual investors, institutional investors and specialized funds that are all looking to embark, hand-in-hand with the founders, on this promising endeavor and in turn elevate the platform to another level.

The online entertainment industry is expected to grow significantly – according to a report by “Global Mobile Entertainment Industry” (2020), the global mobile entertainment industry is projected to increase from USD91.3 billion in 2020 to USD257.1 billion by 2027, thus registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9%. The United States and China are deemed as the largest consumer markets, with China recording the highest growth.


Karim Charif, Co-Founder of Basirly said: “Basirly really is the bridge to the new generation and the adoption of ancient forms of entertainment. A lot of people around the world are interested and also strong believers in the ancient arts, however, accessing such services have traditionally been reserved to face to face meetings.

Nowadays though, especially the younger generation, who still carries this interest in the arts, is more likely to engage in forms of psychic readings through the use of technology, and that is exactly where Basirly comes in.

It has been great to see such strong uptake in our platform over the last years and we look forward to continue to provide our users with the best psychic reading experience as we keep expanding and improving our services to all our customers.”

You can download the app for Android here and for iOS here.


About Basirly

Founded in 2016 by Karim Charif and Fouad Itani, Basirly is an entertainment platform that rejuvenates the ancient and extremely popular psychic reading art by providing a platform to match users with real certified psychics in English, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, and Spanish:

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