MEYA app: Fusing the Power of Music and Meditation.

MEYA app: Fusing the Power of Music and Meditation.

“MEYA app: fusing the power of music and meditation.”
Can music become a mental health tool?

Music, like meditation, is an immersive experience, created to capture the attention into the present. Following each note, either consciously or sub-consciously, forces us to remain present in the moment, entering what many label as ‘flow state’: a state in which a person is fully present and focused on an activity and “nothing else seems to matter”.

Achieving this state of flow through music, helps the release of physical, mental and emotional tension. Anxiety and stress lose power as bio-energy is re-directed into self-awareness.

Listening to music that we enjoy is found to activate an area of the brain called the Default Mode Network. This network is associated with the resting brain, which may consist of daydreaming, recalling memories or monitoring the environment. However, whilst listening to music we enjoy a specific part of the DMN, associated to wellbeing, is activated.

Music has also the ability to channel negative emotions and transform them into positive ones and it has been proven that listening to music releases dopamine in the brain, a chemical associated with happiness.

Interestingly, within a song there are two important stages at which dopamine is released. The anticipation and the peak of the song, what one could consider the ‘drop’ in modern electronic music, produce high doses of dopamine in the brain. This shows that genres of music that enhance and lift the anticipation within a song, notably electronic music, can lead to the production of more dopamine in the brain.

It its “Music Mind Journeys” MEYA app is combines the electronic music technology that is able to create those moments with guided meditation in order to enhance the experience and make meditation an experience as easy and enjoyable as listening to a song.

MEYA app is available on App Store and Google Play, MEYA app and offers a 30day free trial.

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