Fitness Industry Leader Launches New Product/Service For Women Over 50 Focusing On Personal Development And Wellbeing

SB Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching leader has launched a new fitness service directed toward the needs of women over age fifty. The online service focuses on helping women in this age group gain purpose and change behaviour for more positive outcomes.

SB Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching and Scott Bancroft are pleased to announce that the online firm has reinvented itself to focus more on personal development behavior changes for the over-fifty age group of women. Scott’s fitness industry background led him three years ago to create a Women-Only Bootcamp, helping women manage their weight and fitness efforts. With the onset of the Coronavirus, large group training became impractical and even illegal. Scott’s solution was to move to an online training and coaching approach for the same age group of women.

Scott and his company now offer high-end transformation coaching for women in their 50s, helping them rediscover their identity, purpose, and health through self-love and care practices. The company shows a high level of empathy with clients, meeting them where they are, with no judgment. There is less focus on weight loss, instead, the focus is on changing habits and behaviours to achieve success in reaching their goals. 

Scott explains, “We don’t give cookie-cutter meal plans, we show our clients why and how to eat for long term success. We help our clients to think right, so they can act right. We don’t tell our clients what to do, we collaborate with them. We help our clients to cultivate gratitude, shifting them from a scarcity mindset into one of abundance.”

Unlike many other coaches in the industry who are focused only on growing their business without serving their clients. Scott directs his efforts toward making a positive impact by changing the lives of the women he works with. He directs his energy toward helping women to have the confidence to make changes in their behaviour. Clients are able to redevelop their belief system to encourage energy, health, and happiness over the long term. Each client is supported in her journey as an individual. 

About the Company: 

SB Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching by Scott Bancroft focuses on health, wellness, and behaviour changes in women over age 50. More information about the online agency is available at

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