Invictus Method Seeks 100 Real Estate Investors for its Special Program

Project 100 to help members build cash-flowing real estate portfolio without it becoming a second job.

While the majority of the world put their lives on hold Invictus is helping people own real estate without all of the normal hurdles people have to jump over when tackling investing on their own. For aspiring real estate investors, a golden opportunity is presented by Invictus Method through its breakthrough program Project 100, which aims to provide passive income to help combat the idea that someone needs to dedicate a lot of their time when investing in real estate.

Project 100 seeks to welcome 100 lucky real estate investors into its unique program that can build with them a cash-flowing real estate portfolio without having to undergo the inconveniences of managing the properties. Project 100 members will enjoy all the benefits of having a cash flowing portfolio without having to stress over the usual issues like finding the right properties, dealing with contractors for repairs or renovations, and managing difficult tenants. Invictus, with its team, will manage most of the process for you through a streamlined system that allows the Project 100 members to go about their normal routine and focus on their existing business or job instead of spending time and effort in running the real estate business. The goal of Project 100 is to help a new member invest in their first rental property in no more than two months. What’s more is that Invictus can expand the member’s real estate portfolio with additional properties within a short period of time, to augment his passive income potential. In fact, the company targets at least three properties for each member within the first year.

The project boasts of the P.R.O.F.I.T. Squared Methodology, created by Invictus Method Co-founder Terrence Burner that enables the investor to enjoy a customized and well-designed real estate business roadmap with a great potential for growth and sustainability for years. “I want to work closely with you, tracking and monitoring results to make sure that we’re on track to hit your ultimate goal. We don’t work with a lot of people. What we do requires a lot of attention and time to your specific plan. Because of this we only work with 8-10 people at any given time. We also are only going to work with a maximum of 100 people. Hence, the name Project 100. Once we have our 100 people, we will close this down forever,” says Burner, a former financial consultant.

Invictus will provide all members with his or her own investment counselor apart from the company’s other highly skilled personnel and partners in property management, construction, information technology, investment, property law, and accounting. Also among the benefits are LLC and tax planning sessions to maximize returns on the investment, and an estate plan for protection.

Project 100 is currently accepting applicants to fill up the 100 membership slots.

To apply for the Project 100, click the link,

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