RangeXTD providing excellent Wi-Fi for the customers

Off late people are on either of the OTT platform. And who does not want to watch a smooth streaming? For a hindrance free streaming, they need a good internet connection. And nothing can give them an uninterrupted screen time like Wi-Fi. So, they need to install Wi-Fi connection to avoid buffering. However, no all Wi-Fi connections can offer they the desired streaming experience. Often it is seem that a few members of their family is accessing internet for streaming because it cannot support all at the same time.

In that case they will anyway face buffering. For example, if they are playing video game on their phone due to the Wi-Fi issue the screen freezes. They always have to around the Wi-Fi router or ask the other members of their family to stop using Wi-Fi to play uninterruptedly. In such scenario installing a RangeXTD USB Wi-Fi EXTENDER may come handy. It is an USB device that will catch the weak signal of Wi-Fi and then it will extend it. While doing so it makes the signal stronger and stable so that everyone in their house can get the fair access to Wi-Fi. 

The issue with Wi-Fi that is mostly seen is that they get the access to the internet connection at some corners of their house. And that is the reason they need to get an extender from RangeXTD. They will get the device on their website they need visit at RangeXTDOffical Website. If they get this device then there will be no dead zone in their house and they will be able to enjoy their favorite entertainment show on mobile, laptop or on their tab. The primary purpose of this device is to grab the signal and boost it so that other devices can catch it. 

The product that RangeXTD offers is powerful enough to meet all their need. All they need to connect it with an USB port to get the fantastic result as it will amplify the connection. So, let’s talk about the features that one will find in the discussed device. People will get extended coverage of Wi-Fi and for that one does not have to pay ISP fees. Even one use multiple devices, the speed of the internet connection will not be hampered. The device offers 300Mbps transmission speed.

The best thing about the device is that it is portable so one can travel with the product. Due to its compact size it does not curb space in their bag. It is a wireless device with one-push WPS button that offers security. One has to plug it in the switch board’s socket to connect it with the other devices. If they choose this device from RangeXTD then they will get 2.4G data transfer facility which is considered pretty faster. Due to the WPS button one can connect it with multiple devices. So, it can be turned into a wireless router, it also has built-in antenna. 

The device has USB A that consumes less power. In order to protect it from dust and other foreign particles while travelling, it has cap. It will also protect it from other damages like friction. If they look at its specification it is made of advanced technology and that is the reason it is extremely light-weight. It has built-in LED light that acts as an indicator. And the product is considered pretty economical as per its ability to provide Wi-Fi coverage in a small area. People with smart home, this device will come handy if they connect the door bell, CCTV camera, smart garage opener, etc. 

Once they buy the device from RangeXTDthey can connect it with any kind of USB slot, be it a power bank, mobile phone, or wall outlet. If anyone is interested in buying the device, they need to visit the website to get an idea of the product they offer. The site is inclusive and they have given all the information in the product specification box. Once they get themselves this product they will have no issue in watching their favorite entertainment program. Even though it is user-friendly but they will get complete guide regarding how they can use the device on their website itself.

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